Unleashing Leadership Potential
January 2019 Edition
Strategic Audacity and Rapid Growth
 Marking the 60 th anniversary of the Xerox copier, we describe the early days of this iconic company and compare it to today’s growth companies.
Whether a company is growing rapidly like Xerox or 'blitzscaling' like Facebook, the great growth companies of the last 50 years have one thing in common – they set audacious goals and are very disciplined in meeting them . Read More...
Message from Tino
What Are We Reading at TLG?
Michael Sessions, Ph.D, Sr Consultant TLG; Licensed Psychologist
On Grand Strategy - by John Lewis Gaddis.
Leadership in Turbulent Times - by Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Appropriate title
Tino Mantella President & CEO TLG
The Score Takes Care of Itself - by Bill Walsh My favorite strategy book...
Lyn Turknett Co-founder & Co-chair
Picking favorite books on strategy is a tall order, particularly since strategy is such a broad topic with multiple definitions. When strategy is defined as “a plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim,” right now I’d choose Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup. I know we all agree that the day of a five year strategy that’s designed, put in place, and followed to the letter is long gone.  Core principles from lean – speed, rapid prototyping and experimentation, closeness to the customer, and multiple iterations of “minimal viable product” – will be much more useful in our rapidly changing world.

An old favorite is The Discipline of Market Leaders. Authors argue that to succeed companies must select a competitive strategy – operational excellence, customer intimacy, or product leadership – and achieve market leadership in that strategy. You must attend to all, but excel at one.
Marty Gupta, VP Strategy TLG
For those interested in strategic planning, I recommend, If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat! Strategies for Long-Term Growth , by Leonard Sherman and published in 2017. Sherman, who teaches at Columbia Business School, provides a comprehensive survey of strategic tools and concepts, and integrates them into an actionable framework. His chapters on branding are a bonus.
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We are seeing a major change in the way companies conduct strategic and operational planning. Sustained success depends on moving in and out of business arenas quickly, shifting resources rapidly. Agility is paramount. To begin this change, start with a Turknett facilitated strategy retreat. Read More
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Friday,January 25, 2019
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Leading Across Multiple Sectors: From Corporate Boards to the C-Suite and the Community”

f eaturing Duriya Farooqui, former Executive Director of Atlanta Committee for Progress (ACP)   Read More

Turknett Staff Spotlight
Marty Gupta is VP Strategy at Turknett Leadership Group and is responsible for the firm’s strategy practice. He has over 30 years of strategic planning experience both in corporate leadership and consulting roles. Marty started his career at Xerox, he worked in corporate strategy at Xerox, AT&T and BellSouth , and later held senior positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers and SAIC . Prior to Turknett, Marty was Managing Director at CAP Consulting Group, a strategy and innovation consultancy. He has extensive experience helping clients develop and deploy rapid growth strategies at Fortune 500, midcap and startup companies in a range of industries. . Marty has been a volunteer mentor for over 15 years and helped entrepreneurs and non-profits innovate. He lives in Atlanta and enjoys spending time with his three adult children.

To contact Marty: mgupta@turknett.com Cell 678-481-4001
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