Register today for the 2023 BSED Annual Meeting, Be Remarkable Billings! Our Annual Meeting will kick off at 11:30 am on Wednesday, October 11th at the Northern Hotel (lunch provided).
Billings is more than a city; it's a tapestry of industries that create a remarkable way of life and form Montana’s largest and most diverse economy. A community made up of strong industries - agriculture, finance, healthcare, construction, hospitality, transportation and distribution, a growing manufacturing sector, and an innovative energy hub, and an emerging entrepreneur scene. All of these industries represent what makes us Billings, Montana’s City.

Our 2023 BSED Annual Meeting will remind us of what makes Billings, Montana a unique and thriving place, and what goes in to being Montana’s largest and most diverse economy. We will learn about the industry trends and opportunities that shape our economy today and, in the future, and what it means to Be remarkable Billings.
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