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Drowning in Trouble
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Click on Free Resources > Choose Articles > Browse through the list; ... A Bundle of Choices ... Are you a Christian? ... Batteries not included ... Be Still and Know ... Be Ye Transformed ... But Lord ... Despair, Despondency & Doubt ... Look through our titles for something of interest ... You'll see some articles are available in a variety of languages just for you. Each article challenges and encourages you to ... walk with God so you too can find the power to live His life!

     It's great reading material that challenges your personal walk, your marriage, or your character and helps you to FIND a personal God that is there for you. God wants to recreate you into His image! This is what our trials are for--to bring us to find God! As you are blessed you will want to share these articles with a friend or relative--go ahead--its so easy to share them. They are free to download to your computer. Now print them to share, or send them by email to a friend who could be blessed too. Our articles are a Great Resource for everyone!

Newsletters ...

PFL Jan 2011 Newsletters
Go to our website: www.empoweredlivingministries.org 
Click on Free Resources > Choose Newsletters > Browse through our abundance of newsletters with beautiful graphics to enhance the articles ... These are articles written between 2003--2011. They are not in alphabetical order but by date. Titles like; "Making a Difference" "A Wake-Up Call" "Is God Real to You?" "God Calling" "How to Live with a Difficult Man" ... and much more. Some of these articles are translated too and are listed right under the article name.

       For those messages that touch your heart and you want to share with others--please do! Download it for free--put it on your computer and print them out to share or email them to someone. In this way you can help others See God. Let the newsletters bless you and let them bless others too--share them like the leaves of autumn. God bless you. 

Emails ...

Deadly Emotions Card Emails
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Click on Free Resources > Choose Email Archives
Here is another list of articles and nuggets you can browse through for something of interest that will help you walk closer with God. Titles like; ... The Narrow Way ... An Impending Crises ... Trials & Hard Times ... Secure In Him ... Radical Forgiveness ... Failure Need NOT Be Defeat ... Unbelief--our Greatest Weakness ... Emotional Upheavals ... and again much more.

What you see and read that inspires you ... just download it to your computer for free, print it out  to share with others or send this email to whomever you think would be benefited by it. It's so easy to share, so easy to help others by sharing what touches you. If it helps you, it'll help others too. We all need God. Connection with Him transforms our heart's emotions, our mind's thoughts, and thus our life by Divine power attending our human effort. We need God In us not just God With us!

We pray this helps you to see what a wealth of practical help is at your fingertips on our ELM website. God bless you one and all! 
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries