NEWSLETTER: April 2016 - DNA Day Edition

Everything You Need To Know About Getting DNA Out of Strawberries!
Perfectly timed for April and National DNA Day celebrations. Everything you need to know to extract DNA from strawberries at home, or in the classroom. Use our recipe. It's easy. The process uses things commonly available in your home, and it only takes two strawberries. Follow our fun, fact-filled YouTube video, or our colorful poster.

April 2016 Resource of the Month
The 2016 USA Science & Engineering Festival
Our monthly search for the best free teaching resources for bio teachers has chosen a winner for April: The 2016 USA Science & Engineering Festival. Held April 16-17 at the Washington, DC Convention Center, this event is free and open to the public. Explore all things STEM with 3,000 hands-on activities! Perfect for kids, teens, parents, teachers and STEM enthusiasts!

Ten Timeless and Captivating Tools for the DNA Classroom

Whether you are searching for something for DNA Day, looking for a little spice in your genetics unit, or offering resources to parents, students or colleagues - these ten perennial favorites are sure to please. Bookmark this for year-round use.
Prepared in support of their DNA Day Ambassador visits to schools, these University of North Carolina teaching modules can be used by teachers anywhere to light up the classroom in celebration of National DNA Day. Four popular topics. All free to download.

NHGRI has several activities planned to celebrate National DNA Day during the month of April. Tune in online for "Harry Potter and the Genetics of Wizarding." Join in the "Ask Me Anything" series, or a Twitter Chat on genetics/genomics. Or, if you are nearby, take a trip down to the National Museum of Natural History to hear a Human Origins Today talk.

Searching for an easy way to engage your K-12 classroom in DNA Day?

Consider participating in our 2016 National DNA Day Pinterest Challenge. You and your class create a Pinterest Board about DNA, genetics, and/or genomics to enter. Every class wins a personalized certificate from the NIH. Top boards will be highlighted on our website. Deadline to submit: Midnight on April 17, 2016.

Details on the 2016 National DNA Day Pinterest Challenge.

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