NEWSLETTER: April 2019

Celebrate National DNA Day!
April 25 is National DNA Day! Need ideas on how to celebrate? Check out our National DNA Day 2019 resources page for the best in hands-on activities, multimedia and interactive resources to excite your students!
Celebrate National DNA Day in the Classroom!

Looking for genetic topics to discuss in the classroom for National DNA Day? Download freely available teaching modules from the University of North Carolina's DNA Day 2019 website. Topics include epigenetics, immunology, pharmacogenomics, and forensics. Previous years' modules are available as well! 

The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) has launched the Genetics Engagement & Education Network to connect ASHG members with you to answer your human-genetics related queries. Access the specially created directory to see information about ASHG members from across the U.S. who are here to take your questions. Make the most of National DNA Day in the classroom by using the Network to help with organizing classroom talks, providing career or academic advice, and even planning field trips.

Seeking high school teachers, undergraduate students, teaching assistants, Ph.D. candidates and more! Collaborate with Amgen Foundation and Harvard to co-develop LabXchange, a free online science education platform offering digital instruction and virtual lab experiences. Intended for high school and college students, this online network will provide space for collaboration and mentoring. Be part of the Xchange!

Quick links to popular teacher resources on Genome: Unlocking Life's Code.


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