Henrietta Lacks: An Illustrated Poster About Her Life and Cells (HeLa)
This vivid poster illustrates the historical timeline of Henrietta Lacks' immortal cells (HeLa cell line). Research using the HeLa cell line has resulted in successful drugs against influenza, leukemia, herpes, Parkinson's disease and more.  The timeline can be used in the classroom by viewing it online, downloading it as a PDF, or printing it in large and small sizes.

August 2015 Resource of the Month
The DNA Learning Center: "Gene Screen" App

Our monthly Internet search for the best free teaching resources for biology teachers has  arrived at a winner: The DNA Learning Center's "Gene Screen"  App for the iPad or iPhone. "Gene Screen"  is a fun way to learn how recessive genetic traits and diseases are inherited and how certain diseases are more prevalent in different populations.  Check it out!

Feature Story: Your Breakfast Could Be Going Extinct

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Was anything in it genetically modified? The answer may surprise you.

No matter how organic or "GMO-free" your breakfast was, unless it was hunted or gathered directly from nature, you almost certainly ate food that had been in some sense "genetically modified."  Learn more.
The American Society of Human Genetics "Teen Genes Video Challenge"

Spread the word about this YouTube-style genetics video contest for grades 9-12  st udents. 

Students submit a 3-5 minute video describing any current application of genetics (ancestry testing, genetic testing for disease risk, etc.) and explain how it works. 1st place prize is $1,500 & a Skype session with an award-winning photographer .   Contest website.

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