NEWSLETTER: August 2016

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August 2016 Resource of the Month
National Audubon Society Bird Call App

This free bio classroom app has been updated. Over 770 North American birds highlighting diversity and variation. Plus, it works on Apple, Android, Kindle, Nooks, Touchpads, tablets and phones.

Henrietta Lacks: August 1, 1920 - October 4, 1951

On August 1st, Henrietta Lacks would have been 96 years old. Start off your school year with a discussion about the life of Henrietta Lacks and how her HeLa cells continue to save millions of lives. Learn the history behind the HeLa cells and why Henrietta's legacy thrives today in this stunning infographic. Print or view online.
Ten Helpful Tools for Teaching DNA: Refresh Your Lesson Plans and Classroom for the New School Year!

Whether you are teaching genetics for the first, or the umpteenth time, our list of Ten Helpful Tools offers new ideas and techniques that will pep up your presentations and captivate students. Several image sources, interactive tools, and activities you will not want to miss!

Have you used the Ancient DNA Timeline in your science classroom?

We are designing a lesson plan for the popular Ancient DNA Timeline. Sharing your experiences and your ideas concerning our timeline is important in this process. We are looking for volunteers to review materials from the teacher's perspective.

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