Check Out the 2015 Resource of the Month Winners: Every One Is Free!
Nine of 2015's best online teaching resources for biology teachers. All are winners. All are free. Everyone of them worth a glance over the holidays. Check out our interactive featuring "Cell Size and Scale", the "iCell", "Ask A Biologist", "GeneEd" and five more! Each is introduced with explanations of how to use it in the biology classroom, and where it fits in the national science standards guidelines.

ULC's Best Teaching Resources of 2015: All In One Package!

Since the Unlocking Life's Code teacher's newsletter launched in the spring of this year, a new resource for teachers has been featured each month - now nine in total. For our readers, this December, we have combined all of the year's resources in a simple, fun interactive. See them all at once, easily read what each is about, why it is important to you, and how to use it in your classroom. From the "DNA Day Pinterest Challenge" to free "MagicEye 3D Genetic Images" and a glossary that talks.

Just For the Biology Teacher: Browse Our Teaching Resource Library!

Located in the "Learn" area on Unlocking Life's Code, there is a teacher resources  webpage that is like none other. You'll find unique tools like a 5-minute Danny  Elfman-scored animation about our genomes that is sure to please students of all ages, a ready-to-use curriculum, and everything you need to know to bring National DNA Day to your school in the Spring. Current news stories, free artwork, and more!
Carefully chosen with the biology classroom in mind. Researcher vetted. Up-to-date, and interesting. Here are more than a dozen wide-ranging feature stories that will light up your classroom. "Snowy Owl Genetics", "Your Breakfast Could Be Going Extinct", "The African Diaspora" and more. Brush up on these topics, or offer extra credit for your classes. Terrific materials for discussion groups.

Is there a free online learning resource that you would like us to consider in our monthly "Resource of the Month" competition?
We welcome at-large nominations of the best biology-based learning tools that you use in the classroom or you value personally. Nominations should be available via the Internet free of charge, useful to large numbers of biology teachers, and in general be "a knockout."

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