A Helpful History Tool for the Biology Classroom: The Human Genome Timeline

Zip through landmark moments in genetic and genomic research ranging from Mendel's peas to the completion of the Human Genome. It's a favorite of teachers and students.


Check out the "Timeline of the Human Genome" now!

July 2015 Resource of the Month
National Museum of Natural History: "Skin and Bones" App

Our monthly Internet search for the best free teaching resources for biology teachers has arrived at a winner: the National Museum of Natural History's "Skin and Bones" app for the iPad or iPhone. "Skin and Bones" brings the Smithsonian's Bone Hall skeletons to life with 3-D graphics.  Check it out!

Gregor Turns 193 on July 20. Happy Birthday Mr. Mendel!
Ten handy resources for understanding and teaching Mendel

The Austrian monk who discovered the laws of heredity is part of the curriculum  in mo st biology classes. Our favorite links include Mendel's  historic 1865 paper, TEDEd clips , interactive animations, lesson plans, and more. Peas enjoy! 

Teacher Reviewers Wanted: New Interactive Online Module

Teacher volunteers are needed to review a new online eLearning tool that explores how Homo sapiens evolved in East Africa and across the globe. Sign up here to be part of the beta review team!

Have you ever thought of having your biology class evaluate a major learning tool?

We invite you to partner with us as we ask middle and high school biology students what terms are missing from our popular "Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms."  We'll even give you credit for helping!


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