Featured Resource: Current Genetics News Stories For Your Classroom
Up-to-date news stories are a great way to capture students' attention, but how can a busy teacher find time to comb the media regularly for science stories and discussion starters? July's featured resource does the heavy lifting for you with a streaming "ticker tape" of curated recent genomic news at the top of the home page on the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code website.

July 2016 Resource of the Month
Stated Clearly: Science is for Everyone

Stated Clearly: Science Is For Everyone. Don't miss this excellent free series of narrated animations covering many of the hot topics in biology classes. These high-quality mini-movies use iconic references like Elvis Presley, Jurassic Park, and even the Wolverine to engage their audience. A must-see.

Learners of all ages readily engage with online interactive learning tools. Our interactive tools are aligned to learning standards and textbook topics, up-to-date, and full of vetted reliable information. Whether it be an exploration of how variations in genes affect human skin color, a journey into the many ethical questions surrounding genetics, or a personalized tour of genetic-related careers - each is highly interactive and tailored toward the learner.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mendel: Gregor Turns 194 on July 20th

The Austrian monk who discovered the laws of heredity is a common entry point for learning about genetics in basic biology classes. Our favorite Mendel web links include Mendel's historic 1865 paper, interactive animations, lesson plans, TEDEd videos, and more. Peas enjoy!

Have you used the Ancient DNA Timeline in your science classroom?

We are designing a lesson plan for the popular Ancient DNA Timeline. Sharing your experiences and your ideas concerning our timeline is important in this process. We are looking for volunteers to review materials from the teacher's perspective.

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