Refresh Your Knowledge Base: Check Out Our Summer Bookshelf of Online Interactives!

After you've relaxed a while over the summer. After the novels and the crosswords are complete. Take time to review our bookshelf of 16 ready-to-use teacher features that are perfect for pepping up courses in the Fall, sharing with colleagues and students, or explaining what you do to friends and neighbors.

July 2017 Resource of the Month

"Cell Size and Scale" from the Genetic Science Learning Center

Join us as we once again celebrate the sheer beauty and simplicity of one of the best free online teaching resources for bio teachers: The University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center's "Cell Size and Scale" interactive. It is a four-star wow!

Road Trip! Pack Up the Car and See the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Exhibition in Person This Summer!

Traveling to, or live near, Houston? Our popular genomics exhibition is open through September 11, 2017 at The Health Museum in Houston. Add us to your "must see" list and enjoy the science!
Traveling Exhibition News Video Reveals 12-Year Old Visitor's Excitement

"This exhibit is just like cake to me. I just love this stuff." A 12-year old visitor to the  Genome: Unlocking Life's Code  exhibit talks about his trip to see it in person. Check out this three-minute news story from the Voice of America and see what you can expect when you visit for yourself. 

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on Genome: Unlocking Life's Code.


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