Interactive Timeline: Women in STEM, Making History
Check out our interactive featuring outstanding and inspiring women scientists in STEM. From pioneering discoveries in genetics to understanding blazars' role in the universe, their research has made a difference. A great tool to share with students interested in STEM!

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American Society of Human Genetics Huntington Disease Infographic
Infographics are great tools for informing a large audience in a quick, effective, and visually-engaging way. The American Society of Human Genetics has created an infographic to teach learners about Huntington's Disease. This free infographic is available to be downloaded and printed for the classroom.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute BioInteractive Website Relaunch

The relaunched BioInteractive site contains numerous free classroom resources and no-cost professional learning opportunities using pedagogical approaches and techniques grounded in education research. These educational resources are examples of "real science, real stories, and real data to engage students in exploring the living world."
Rockville Science Center Summer Camps

Encourage your students to keep their minds inquisitive in the summer break by attending science-themed camps. The Rockville Science Center enriches the summers of children ages 5 to 14 through the camp programs of Rockville City and Bullis School. Children can experience science and engineering with exciting hands-on activities. Let's make this a summer to remember!

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