Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Biology Classroom! 
Download Three Free MagicEye 3-D Genetics Images


Those "Aha!" moments are a great way to capture students' interest and attention. Which image will your students remember 10 years from now - that textbook drawing of DNA, or the hidden 3-D image of DNA revealed in one of these 3-D MagicEye portraits?


More About Using Our 3-D Images With Your Students. 


Resource of the Month
GeneEd: Genetics, Education, Discovery

Our monthly Internet search for the best free teaching resources for bio teachers has arrived at a winner: The National Library of Medicine's "GeneEd" vetted-resource website for learning genetics.  Check it out!

A Guided Tour of Our Molecular Selves

"Our Molecular Selves" is a dynamic, 3-D, computer-animated video t hat takes you "inside" the cell for a narrated, close-up look at how we're made. A perfect introduction , or review, of the basic biology underpinning human genetics.

Making Sense of the Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project was completed a decade ago. Why it is important to your health? How do you extract DNA from a strawberry? Check out our Pinterest page for these and other helpful resources.

Have you ever thought of having your biology class evaluate a major learning tool?

We invite you to partner with us as we ask middle and high school biology students what terms are missing from our popular "Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms."  We'll even give you credit for helping!


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