Fast Facts About the Dog Genome Project Improving Human Health
Dogs are loved by millions of people. But did you also know that dogs can actually help us understand how to improve human health? We have compiled a list of valuable dog genome resources that can be easily incorporated into lesson plans. A great way to make learning about the genome interesting!

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World Sickle Cell Day is June 19th
Enlighten your students about how scientific advances in genetics can be applied in the medical field. Sickle cell disease affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Thanks to advances in gene therapy, scientists are using genetic technology to try and cure this disease. NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins was recently interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes about this promising treatment. Take a moment to read the NIH Director's Blog to learn more!

A Summer Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers: 2019 International Society for Technology in Education

Are you looking for professional development opportunities this summer? The International Society for Technology in Education's annual meeting is June 23-26, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. Learn all about the latest trends in EdTech and how to incorporate them into your classroom next year. The meeting will feature several keynote speakers, interactive lectures, and explore & create sessions.
Lab in a Box Loaner Program

Bring a hands-on Genes in Space lesson to your classroom! Genes in Space is taking requests for the miniPCR Lab in a Box loans. Students can explore real world biotechnology applications using PCR, restriction digest, and gel electrophoresis. For consideration, requests must be received by June 30, 2019.
How Teachers Can Encourage Students to Build Confidence and Stay Engaged in Science

Science is often thought of as challenging and demanding. How can you encourage your students to stay engaged in science? A recent study by NYU Department of Psychology's associate professor Marjorie Rhodes discovered that "action-focused language" can make a difference, particularly in diverse groups. Learn how simple language changes, such as encouraging students that they can "do science" versus "be a scientist" can be profoundly impactful.

Quick links to popular teacher resources on Genome: Unlocking Life's Code.


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