NEWSLETTER: November 2018

Current Genetics News Stories For Your Classroom
Up-to-date news stories are a great way to capture students' attention, but how can a busy teacher find time to comb the media regularly for science stories and discussion starters? November's featured resource does the heavy lifting for you with a dedicated curated Recent Genomic News on the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code website. Updated monthly.

November 2018 Resource Of The Month
edX: Free Online College Genetics Courses From Major Schools

Our monthly internet search for the best free teaching resources for biology teachers has chosen the edX online learning website for its free high-quality courses in genetics from world-famous universities and institutions.

Learn genetics and other in-demand subjects with these free online genetics courses that can sharpen your skills and advance your career. Many courses are self-paced. For example:
  • Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life is an introductory genetics course covering the basics of biochemistry, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, genomics and traditional medicine. Enroll now and join Professor Eric Lander online starting December 4, 2018.
  • DNA: Biology's Genetic Code is a 6-week (self-paced) course from Rice University exploring the structure, packaging, replication and manipulation of DNA through a series of research articles, case studies, and video lectures.
More free courses are available from Harvard, the University of British Columbia, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Purdue and many other schools. 

Embedded in the lower-left corner of every term page in the Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms is a self-check tool called Test Your Gene Knowledge.

This interactive application opens with a choice of testing your skills on ten randomly chosen terms you would hear in the news, or in a classroom. Classroom terms are taken from the most commonly used high school biology texts. All terms are contained in the Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms where they are explained by leading experts in the field on single pages dedicated to each term and supported by animations, illustrations, and linked resources.

Once completed, the quiz offers the student a certificate that allows input of their name and automatically scores the number of correct answers. Missed answers are linked to term pages for further exploration. Hints are offered for each term.

Use it as a fun learning tool in real time with your class. Offer it as extra credit with printed proof from the completion certificate.

Test Your Gene Knowledge is available in the Spanish and English editions of the online Talking Glossary, as well as in the iPad/iPhone app version.

Check It Out Now!

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) invites teachers to apply for its inaugural Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Master Teacher Fellowship. The fellowship provides an opportunity for a K-12 STEM teacher to work remotely with NMAAHC staff throughout the 2018-2019 school year, and onsite for the selected teacher's spring break, and a two-month period during the summer in Washington, DC.

Application period ends November 27, 2018.

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