The Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms: 
Available In Spanish and English
Listen as experts like Dr. Francis Collins casually explain what a gene or an allele is, and why it is important. Over 200 genetic terms plainly described by professionals at the NIH, expertly illustrated, and many are 3D animated. For ESL learners, each term easily toggles from the English version to the Spanish version, or vice versa.

October 2015 Resource of the Month
Arizona State University's "Ask A Biologist"

This month's Internet search for the best free teaching resources for biology teachers has  arrived at a winner: Arizona State University's "Ask A Biologist." Started in 1997 as a biology learning resource tool for students, teachers, parents, and life-long learners, the site is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers and has answered more than 34,000 biology questions.

The Unlocking Life's Code Exhibition is Open in Oregon!

The Genome: Unlocking Life's Code multimedia database is composed of free downloadable illustrations, animations, and mobile apps related to genetics, genomics, and topics discussed on our website and in the exhibition "Genome: Unlocking Life's Code."

Have you ever thought of taking your biology class on a virtual field trip?


We invite you to partner with us as we establish virtual visits linking our researchers and experts with your biology students. We'll even take care of all of the online connecting tools to your classroom.


A Virtual Field Trip?
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