NEWSLETTER: October 2016

Pep Up Your Classroom With One Of Our Halloween Bracelet Activities!
Seven easy-to-make bead bracelets based on actual DNA sequences from bats, ravens, black cats, spiders, and other ghoulish creatures. Great for any grade level. Minimal set-up and supplies needed. Maximum return in student smiles.

October Resource of the Month
Genetics 101

Our monthly Internet search for the best free teaching resources for bio teachers has arrived at a winner: "Genetics 101" from 23andMe and the Khan Academy. Whimsical, informative, and a must see!

"In and Beyond Africa" Interactive Receives 2017 Teachers' Choice Award

One of our popular interactives has been named winner of a national award judged by a panel of teachers from across the U.S. "In and Beyond Africa" helps students explore how Homo sapiens evolved in East Africa and across the globe. Learners discover the migration patterns that influenced genomic diversity, test tool-making skills, learn about some of the genes responsible for skin color variations, and engage in related gaming activities.
The Teen Genes Video Challenge - Just For Students!

The American Society of Human Genetics' "2016 Teen Genes Video Challenge" is now open. Students 14 - 18 years old can enter a 3-5 minute video describing any current application of genetics and how it works. Impressive prizes for winning entries. Deadline is November 13.

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on Genome: Unlocking Life's Code.


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