NEWSLETTER: October 2019

Interactive Timeline: From Mendel to the Human Genome Project
October marks the 29 th  anniversary of the start of the Human Genome Project (HGP). Amazingly, the HGP was finished three years ahead of schedule, under budget, and around the time of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the discovery of the double helix. The interactive timeline, "From Mendel to the Human Genome Project (1865-2003)", starts with the earliest discoveries in genetics and takes you through to the game-changing Human Genome Project. A perfect primer for students and teachers!

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Lessons from the Human Genome Project
The Human Genome Project (HGP) brought genetics and genomics to the forefront of science. What was so special and innovative about the HGP? In "Lessons from the Human Genome Project", prominent scientists involved in the HGP reflect on the lessons learned. Team science, technology development, computers, and data-sharing all played a vital role in the success of the HGP. Watch the short video to learn how it all came together to change the world!

The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2020 DNA Day Essay Contest is Now Open!

DNA Day Essay Contest for Teachers and Students

For high school teachers and students: Check out the 2020 American Society of Human Genetics' (ASHG) Annual Essay Contest for Grades 9-12. Easy to work into your biology class for extra credit, or to challenge students. Winning students receive cash awards, and their teachers win genetics materials grants. The submission site opens in early January 2020.
Science Tools in the Classroom for Elementary and Middle School Students

These tools are designed to interest elementary and middle school students in DNA-based applications for basic science research to address fundamental challenges in our world. Teachers can boost their science knowledge and provide students with a bioinformatics-based kit of interesting, engaging instructional materials. Microbes, diseases, and forensics are just a few of the topics covered. A great way to engage students!

Motivating XSTEM Videos to Inspire Our Next Generation of Scientists

The USA Science and Engineering Festival is the nation's largest celebration of STEM and will be held in Washington, D.C. in 2020. STEM resources such as the XSTEM videos are available from previous festivals, featuring stories from amazing STEM innovators, awesome stage shows, and much more! Inspire your students by showing the videos during lunch time or as part of an after-school program!

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