Our Newest Resource: Timeline of Ancient DNA
How old is the oldest DNA ever sequenced? Find out in our "Timeline of Ancient DNA." Zip through 32 fact-filled entries highlighting the exciting world of ancient DNA research. Works on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones!

September 2015 Resource of the Month
The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute: "Cell Snap"

This month's Internet search for the best free teaching resources for biology teachers 
has  arrived at a winner: the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's "Cell Snap" app. Match the pairs of cell components to reveal a human cell that you can then explore to find out  what the structures inside do. See how quickly you can  match all 10 pairs, and whether you can beat your highest score!

Are you part Neanderthal? Ancient DNA is giving us clues.

Ancient DNA tells us quite a bit about other species and a little bit about ourselves. You might have some Neanderthal in you. Find out more in the feature story "Our Tangled Family Ties."

Can the DNA of extinct humans provide a clue to our origins?

Watch evolutionary biologist Svante Pääbo discuss his groundbreaking investigations about the genetic and geographic connections between Homo sapiens and our ancient ancestors.

Have you ever thought of taking your biology class on a virtual field trip?


We invite you to partner with us as we establish virtual visits linking our researchers and experts with your biology students. We'll even take care of all of the online connecting tools to your classroom.


A Virtual Field Trip?
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