July 2022

Celebrate Gregor Mendel's 200th Birthday!

Mendel is considered to be the “father of genetics” and his experiments established the basis of our understanding of biological principles such as those related to heredity. Our understanding of science, research, & ethics has grown by leaps and bounds since Mendel’s flower and pea experiments. Today, we know so much more about genetics and genomics, and because it is Mendel’s 200th birthday this month, celebrate by reviewing various fact sheets summarizing useful facts related to science, research, & ethics.

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The Talking Glossary of Genomic and Genetic Terms from the National Human Genome Research Institute

Check out the updated Talking Glossary of Genomic and Genetic Terms from the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). This resource is filled with definitions, audio recordings, and illustrations for hundreds of terms. It is one of the premier educational resources offered by NHGRI, and it aims to help users better understand the basics of genomics and genetics. This talking glossary targets students, educators, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and the public. Terms in the glossary are defined in both written and oral recording formats, and includes a Spanish translation. Visit the glossary now to look up your favorite genomic and genetic terms!

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Attend a Washington, D.C. Area Event for Middle and High School Students Hosted by the USA Science and Engineering Festival

If you are a middle or high school student visiting the Washington, D.C. area on October 26, then consider attending the USA Science and Engineering Festival’s X-STEM NOVA being held at the Dulles Expo Center. This is a free, conference-style event designed to empower and inspire students about careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Presentations, Q&A sessions, hands-on workshops, and opportunities to meet students from all over. Submit an interest form now to be notified about when registration opens.

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Learn, Connect, Recharge at the National Science Teaching Association Chicago 22 National Conference!

The National Science Teaching Association is hosting a three-day science and STEM education event in Chicago from July 21- 23. Offerings will include presentations, exhibitor workshops, poster share-a-thons, speed-sharing sessions, and a vibrant exhibit hall. Register now to attend this conference!

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This month's featured article in

Genomics: Insights

"GGTA1 Editing in Porcine Cardiac Xenotransplantation"

Author: Grace Oh

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