2015 Domaine des Granges Macon Village
We spent yesterday evening with Craig Baker ( Craig Baker Imports ) tasting outstanding French wines ranging from $15.00 to $100.00. The
2015 Domaine des Granges Macon Village Blanc was included in this mix, a wine we had never tasted. If you like unoaked Chard, this bottle exhibits wonderful pure crisp fruit and extreme value. First, the Domaine des Granges is not really a Village level wine, it is actually Macon-Chaintre'. Macon-Chaintre' is a classified area which Borders Pouilly Fuisse. We asked Craig why he had not used the Chaintre' specification. His answer was the Chantre' specification would have added another seven dollars bottle cost to the consumer (taxes and appellation fee) and "no none knows what Chantre' means anyway".

$23.50 per, 5% off 6, 10% off 12
About the wine;
The vines age for this Macon is a minimum 35 years.
The des Grange is very crisp and refreshing as it should be, but given the age of vines one finds layers and nuances not usually found in an under $25.00 Chardonnay. There are white flowers on the nose mixed with hints of pear and citrus. The flavor profile has some mellow lemon mixed with peach and apricot flavors which linger and linger some more-then a smoky minerality appearing. THE FINISH IS CRISP, and very refreshing. We tried the Granges Macon with Salmon we had smoked using a mixture of cherry and pecan wood, and with duck liver mousse. The wine popped with the smoky salmon in a very refreshing way which lit up the dish. The smoky lemon flavors of the Macon were highlighted with the Salmon. When paired with the very rich duck liver mousse, the peach and apricot were more apparent, and the Macon complemented that dish thoroughly.
All of the very best for your weekend,
Rex and Michele

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