Assalam Alaikum Warahamatu Allah Wabarakatuh,
By the grace of Allah, we have been observing an exciting growth of our MAS/ICNA Chicago Convention year after year. While we appreciate the trust that our convention community has in us, today we received the unpleasant and saddening news that Dr. Ayed Al-Qarni, one of our great new speakers, has been denied boarding his flight to the US. Although Dr. Al-Qarni was granted the American visa weeks ago, it was to his and our unpleasant surprise that he found himself on the "Do-not-fly list". Dr. Al-Qarni is a renowned Muslim scholar and inspirational speaker. Known for his logical discourse and balanced views, he promotes understanding and collaboration between all people, regardless of their faith, background, or language.
Dr. Ayed visit to the US was sponsored by Islamic Relief. During his tour he was scheduled to attend the convention. Dr. Ayed was granted the Visa to visit the US; however, he did not have clearance from Home land security.  Islamic Relief lawyers are working diligently to have home land security grant Dr. Ayed clearance in hope he will able to make it in time to join us insha' Allah.
MAS/ICNA Chicago Convention and its attending crowd consider the situation of Dr. Al-Qarni as an oversight of the Muslim American community needs. While sharing this unpleasant news with our convention community is unfortunate, the convention will maintain its commitment to providing you with immense collection of local, national, and international speakers and scholars. We appreciate your understanding.
Jazakum Allah Khairan,
Hussein Ata
MAS-ICNA Convention Chairman

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