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Unplug In Order to Plug In
"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalms 46:10
We recommend it to absolutely everyone. What's that? It's, "Escape to God Time" ... Time to Unplug from all the electronics and detox our lives while we come to God with hearts needing to be infilled by Him. Time to consider what am I on this earth for and Lord what would Thou have me to do? It doesn't have to be 10 days like Sally and I just took in May. You could try three days, five days or seven days of Escape to God Time. Individualize it to yourself.
Sally and I entered Quetico Provincial Park in Canada on Sunday, May 20th and started paddling to what we fondly call, "The Oasis." It's a remote island, less than 1 acre in size, in the middle of a canoe wilderness where nothing can disturb you. They claim, in conjunction with the Boundary Waters Canoe area, as many as 10,000 lakes.

A dear friend of mine, Barry and I, discovered this place seven years ago and with the help of my son Matthew and his friend Craig developed it with a deluxe fire pit for cooking and evening fires, log benches, rock tables and a couple of tent sites. We've included the pictures for your curiosity and enjoyment. Thank you, Barry, Matthew and Craig. It's location, for those of you that want to duplicate this experience, is somewhere east of Sunset and somewhere west of Dawn. :)

Ultimate quiet, lapping water on the shoreline with, Loons, Eagles, Geese and Seagulls to visit us in our place of solitude. For us, the ultimate place to, "Be still and know that He is our God." Here, in these 10 days, His plans for our immediate life are laid open.

Day One our mind is busied with all the cares of life and ministry. Our body wants to crash. It somehow knows that all the stuff of life can't get at us out here. You are insulated from it all. No cellular phone, emails, texting, Internet, drop-in's, daily responsibilities and duties. News that doesn't bombard you nor artificial pleasures or amusements. Just God and His nature are enlisted as agents of refreshing, revival and renewal.

Your head begins to clear and your pulse slows. Relax, rest and tune out the intruders and take in the beauty. Lord, have I really let, "IT," get me that much? Apparently so!
But, how could it? I even preach on, "A Focused Life," and on, "Slow Down Christian." We all drift! Life and ministry has a way of overtaking us. It varies for different individuals, but the need is the same, "And He said to them, Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while." Mark 6:31
Is God calling you? I know He is! Will you respond? I hope so. No, it probably won't be to a remote island in the middle of a canoe wilderness called, Quetico. But God has a place for you, you can count on it. Use your imagination and make sure you add in lots of prayer. Perhaps it's a camper or tent parked on yours or someone else's property. Maybe it's a cottage or timeshare somewhere. It could be a national forest or state park. Just let God whisper into your ear. But do it. It's invaluable. It's needed. It's God ordained.

After two or three days, your mind and body settle down. My pulse went down to 60 and all the business in my head emptied. Now God has His opportunity to get in, in a way that your normal life keeps Him at bay. No wonder we are perplexed with so much frivolousness.

Take your Bible, a notepad and let God layout for you your escape plan. He has one you know. Specifically, and uniquely designed for you, your circumstances and your needs. Be sure to leave all those electronic intruders home! You don't want to interrupt or slow down God's prescription for your life, your marriage, your family, your character and your future. Let Him in so He can get you out. Be brave and take the medicine, He will deliver you from your bondage, guaranteed!

Taste and see that the Lord is your God. Let it settle on you. See that it really is easy. You will see your load lighten. Let His gentle touch direct you. Wade out into this water by faith. Let Him speak into your ear and give you the eye of an eagle for your life. You will see your escape plan plain and simple.
Go ahead and Escape to God,
Jim & Sally

                                      What Will you do Today?