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MAY 2015
Walmart playing word games with antibiotics announcement?
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A dose of antibiotic confusion?
The world's food-retail giant made headlines this month when it announced it would start "requesting" its supplier farms stop using antibiotics simply to make animals grow faster and cheaper. Here's what you didn't read about that announcement in the rest of the media.
What's sustainable about new food systems?
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What's so sustainable about experimental food systems?
Our food system simply must change, and it must change quickly, if we are to stave off environmental disaster, according to your critics. There's only one problem, says this duo of sustainability researchers: The alternative systems imagined by sustainability advocates aren't delivering. Here's why.
What makes shoppers so fearful of high tech?
Why shoppers see menace in farm tech
For centuries, consumers and citizens have celebrated, not denigrated, the continual march of progress toward growing food faster, more dependably and cheaper. Today, those same consumers seem to have turned on the technological hand that feeds them. What happened?
What will be on the grill this summer?
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What will be on the grill this summer?
Now that Memorial Day has officially kicked off the start of summer grilling season, what price trends will dictate which meats consumers choose?
Thank you, NGIA, for helping us
A humble farm thank-you
This year, the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association is helping support the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Where does that money go? Listen as Paul and Deb Segner offer a message of thanks after receiving a check from the foundation's disaster-relief fund.
What's a GMO?

"GMO?" It stands for "Googled My Opinion"
Comedian Jimmy Kimmel set out to discover exactly why critics of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, believe they pose health risks to the public. They all had answers to the questions except this simple, but important, one.
Kathy's commentary: Please, senator, don't use the F word KATHY'S COMMENTARY
The good and not-so-good of the just ended legislative session
When the 2015 Legislative Session began, it appeared it would be a more conservative legislature than in past years. As it turns out, the Freshman Class of 2015, consisting of 18 new state senators, had a different view than sitting senators of old.
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