Unused Hycomp Nitrogen Gas Compressor

Plus: Air Compressors & Air Dryers In Stock

Hycomp nitrogen gas compressor, unused and in excellent condition. Rated for 16 SCFM, 0 PSI inlet, 95 PSI discharge, Air cooling at approximately 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Very High Purity, 70% humidity. Includes NEMA 1 Electrical Class control panel. Complete with (2) Roy Hansen vertical stainless steel receiver tanks, 30 gallon and 90 gallon.

Gas Compressors: 

S741670 Compressor, Gas, Nitrogen, 16 CFM, 95 PSI, Hycomp,
C735228 Compressor, Gas, Gardner Denver, 150 HP, System,

Air Compressors: 

S733836 Compressor, Air, 5500 HP, Joy Turbo, 22,500 CFM @ 215 PSI,
C731914 Compressor, Air, 350 HP, Centrif., Howden, Nitrogen,
S223000 Compressor, Air, 350 HP, Elliott, 1727 CFM, 60 PSI, (2)
S738545 Compressor, Air, 150 HP, Atlas Copco, 125 PSI, Oil Free
S223021 Compressor, Air, 150 HP, Davey, 150 PSI, Mdl 6P612,
S739908 Compressor, Air, 125 HP, I-R, IRN125H-CC, Rotary
S730564 Compressor, Air, 100 HP, Joy, TA045, 125 PSI
S739907 Compressor, Air, 100 HP, Quincy, Mdl QRS6-100-41, Screw
S223070 Compressor, Air, 75 HP, Atlas-Copco, 175 CFM @ 125 PSI,
S740654 Compressor, Air, 75 HP, I-R, 145 PSI, Mdl N75A/C,
S738544 Compressor, Air, 74 HP, Atlas Copco, 350 CFM, 132 PSI,
S734011 Compressor, Air, 60 HP, Compair, Screw, 250 CFM,
S736979 Compressor, Air, 60 HP, I-R, 244 CFM, 125 PSI, Air Dryer,
S740655 Compressor, Air, 25 HP, Quincy, Mdl C-25-B, Screw,
S741344 Compressor, Air, 25 HP, Rotary Screw, Ingersoll Rand
S733885 Compressor, Air, 25 HP, Type WBR, 200 Gal Tank, Gardner
C735760 Compressor, Air, 20 HP, Bauer, Mdl RD-20, 100 PSI
S732509 Compressor, Air, 15 HP, Size 6, Worthington, 3 Stage,
S732508 Compressor, Air, 10 HP, Size 6, Worthington,
C740346 Compressor, Air, 7.50 HP, Champion, Tank
S735453 Compressor, Air, 7.50 HP, Quincy, Mdl 34032, Reciprocating,
S740275 Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Champion, Mdl R15Bm, Recip, 80 gal
S736499 Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Curtis Master Line, Receiver Tank,
C740628 Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Quincy, 17.2 CFM @ 175 PSI, Tank
C739896 Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Quincy, Mdl OT-5, Reciprocating,
C737820 Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Reciprocating, 5 HP, Tank,
C740488 Compressor, Air, 2 Hp, Reciprocating, 30 Gallon, Vert, Port

Air Dryers: 

S736487 Compressor, Air Dryer, Oriad, Mdl 25EA-4, 60 CFM, 90 PSI,
C226660 Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 2000 CFM @ 100 PSI,
C226661 Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 2000 CFM @ 100 PSI, 61
C226662 Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 1600 CFM @ 100 PSI,
C226663 Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 800 CFM @ 100 PSI,
C226695 Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, Zurn, Mdl R-40A, 200 CFM,
C735723 Compressor, Air Dryer, Sullair, SR-150
S741183 Compressor, Air Dryer, Zeks, HeatSink, Mdl 150HSEA100, R22,
C735652 Compressor, Air Dryer, Zeks, Mdl 140HPS1HM
C735653 Compressor, Air Dryer, Zeks, Mdl 100HPS10M


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