July 21, 2022

Contact: Jessica Beemer (832) 393-3008
Unusually High Water Bill?
Here's What You Need to Know
HOUSTON - Mayor Pro Tem Martin would like District E residents to be aware of the possibility for increasing water bills as Houston is facing record heat and worsening drought conditions the cost to keep lawns green and water running is also on the rise. Currently, in the City of Houston, two of the top ten Houston 3-1-1 service requests are reports of water leaks and water service issues. It is important for all residents to understand that all water bill issues are handled on a case-by-case basis as no two addresses are the same and water usage changes month to month, which is why it is crucial to report these issues to Houston 3-1-1 by calling (713) 837-0311.

The City of Houston has established a “Consumption Awareness Program” for residents to use which alerts homeowners as soon as usage at your address increases. To register for that program sign up here. You can also estimate your upcoming bills by using this calculator.
If you believe your water bill is incorrect it is important to contact Houston 3-1-1 (713-837-0311) first. After residents have called Houston 3-1-1 a unique service request number is generated, which triggers an investigation. Once you receive your service request number after calling Houston 3-1-1, please send your service request number along with your most recent water bill to our office at for the District E office to monitor. Please keep in mind a Houston 3-1-1 report needs to be submitted each time an issue occurs.

Right now wait times for investigation to occur are between seven to fourteen business days, but it varies depending on the situation. Each water bill issue is assigned a case manager within the Customer Account Services (CAS) Division of the Water Department and members of the District E team work directly with those CAS employees to get information back to residents in a timely manner.

It is important for residents to use Houston 3-1-1, as this is the only way for the City of Houston to know a problem exists. Additionally, the District E office compiles that information and can identify a trend, should one exist. Based on historical information most cases investigated show increased usage by customers.

In a minority of cases, leaks have been identified and when the leak has been found on the City side/Public side of the meter, repairs to the meter are made and adjustments are applied to those bills. When leaks are investigated and discovered to be on the private side of the meter a one-time leak adjustment can be submitted. If you do find a leak and would like to submit a one-time leak adjustment you may use this form (once a year). Please continue to pay your bill until your form is approved/denied.

If you do experience unexplained usage over 200% of the average usage you may submit an “unusually large bill application (once a year). It is important in this instance as well, to continue to pay your bill until your form is approved/denied.
Keep in mind, leaks may not always present as gushing water, sometimes it is an area of your yard that appears greener than the rest, or a running toilet in a part of your home you don’t use often. I encourage you to please visit the City of Houston Water website for tips on how to find a leaking toilet, how to test for a leaking toilet, and tips on in-home conservation.

For more information please contact Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin's Office by calling (832) 393-3008 or by emailing