Self-isolation has kept us busy and on the move! You may have seen DreamCatcher's new dynamic and spirited logo in action! Yes, we're sporting a brand-new look and hoping to inspire you along the way. We'll soon be updating and activating our social channels and creating community for you!
Nowadays is Impossible to Display the Same Version of Your Logo Everywhere. It's no longer a design trend, it's actually a practical necessity. If you're looking to stand out and push the boundaries online, it's critical to have available a logo that adapts to today's digital environments. For instance, you need a small version of your logo to identify your brand on your social media profilesor even a smaller version to work as a Favicon on your web browser. Designing a responsive logo is about having the perfect tool available every time, no matter what the job is!

Curious to see our glyph selection, color palette and inspiration references? Head over now to take a peek at our Logo Suite >>

Special shout-out to our Head Designer Ivan Suarez in Barcelona for the genius execution and technical guidance on DreamCatcher's contemporary logo style featuring vintage 2D details! Stay tuned to learn more about our logo process, stamp version, brand storytelling, and more! Share your thoughts >>