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A shipping error bring us 30 skeins of


from Hand Maiden Fine Yarns

Hand Maiden's shipping error is your gain!

In an attempt to send thirty skeins of amazing Camelspin yarn to a shop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the very busy folks at Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden sent them to me instead. Since sending them back through customs will be an international nightmare, we get to keep them and sell them. Woo hoo! These are one of a kind skeins, although we do have multiple skeins of some colors. These are not exact colorways.

Want some? You know you do!

70% Silk, 30% Baby Camel
Heavy Fingering/Sportweight
26 sts = 4"
Us 2 - 3 needle or as for lace
approx 330 yards

Here are Ravelry links for some great patterns using Camelspin:

Meggory's Plum Citron
Margol's Birthday Shawlette
Dawn's Multnomah Shawl

Each of these takes just one skein!

These skeins won't last long. Come on in, and we'll show you what we've got! Camelspin skeins are final sale.

And the Anniversary Party with Ravelry, Classic Elite Yarns, Shannon Okey and Fickleknitter Designs is coming up soon and filling up fast.

Register soon to be assured a place for all the fun.

Shannon's Hands-On Hand Dye class is nearly full. We may open up an evening session too, so sign up today, and we'll keep you posted.

See you soon!

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