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Upcoming Outreach Workshop

Outreach Workshop 101
Intro To Outreach & Planning

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Christ Our Redeemer
Hartselle, AL


Your congregation can reach people in the harvest and see your church grow with new people coming to Faith, Baptism, and Discipleship!

Time: 9am-1pm with a working lunch    
What Is This?
This is Lutheran outreach that works.  In this Workshop you and your congregation will learn how to reach people in effective, simple, practical, and doable ways and see people come to faith, baptism, and discipleship in the local congregation. Pastor Eric Johnson draws on his 12 years experience as a church planter to show you and your congregation how, as a church planter, they reached people in the community resulting in 125 adult baptisms, and 167 children baptized into Christ and His church over 3 years.

The Details
Time: 9am till 1pm with a "working" lunch.
Cost: FREE