Issue 6.06
February 7, 2020
Message from the President
An all-electric Hummer? That ad during the Super Bowl yesterday made me think, "Wow! The times they are a changing!" I flipped up my iPad after the game and caught up on some old and new stories about electric vehicles that offered further evidence that rapid advancements in technology are disruptive and require almost chameleon-like adaptive qualities for businesses of every size. Read more
In a dynamic labor market, companies large and small recognize the need to invest in their own people, leading to much buzz around upskilling. Upskilling strategies are no longer the exception, but a necessity. The U.S. Chamber Foundation has defined upskilling as:
Employers must foster a new relationship with workers where maintaining and growing their skills is an imperative for business success.
Boy Scouts of America, Del-Mar-Va Council, Inc.
Scouting isn’t just about roasting marshmallows
around a camp fire. For boys, girls and young adults, Scouting is the catalyst of developing leaderships skills, learning to work together in a team and instilling a long-term ethic to give back to the community. Each year, Scouts are expected to contribute significant amounts of community service. Last year over 167,000 hours of community service were contributed by the Del- Mar-Va Council Scouting efforts alone. Read more
Farmers of Salem, a 169-year-old New Jersey
insurance company, is moving to Wilmington,
Delaware, Central Business District
Farmers of Salem, a regional mutual insurance company founded in Salem County, N.J., in 1851, is relocating to Wilmington in 2021 and bringing 52 jobs to the city’s Central Business District. An additional five jobs will be added by the company, which prides itself on providing superior service with personal attention, over the following three years. 

Farmers of Salem plans to invest close to $5.6 million in the purchase and renovation of an existing office building in Wilmington. The company already has identified and is in negotiations for a property and has been approved for $399,252 in relocation support grants from the Delaware Strategic Fund. Read more
Census Day is April 1, 2020

In 2020, Delaware is striving to count all people living in the state. Getting an accurate count is very important to Delaware because the total population count is tied to the amount of funding Delaware is entitled to receive from the federal government. 
Chamber Leadership Breakfast
with John Riley
The State Chamber kicked off its 2020 series of Chamber Leadership breakfasts this week with 'Delaware's Eyewitness,' John Riley. John shared inspiring stories of leadership that has impacted his life.

John's parting thoughts on leadership:
"Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care."
- Theodore Roosevelt
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