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Do You Have an Immigration Problem, A Citizenship Question? Together, We'll Find A Solution
3/8/2022 Issue
  Congress took note of the enormous backlogs of petitions and applications for immigration benefits. These have been piling up at U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). In the last two (2) years, the backlog mountain grew by an additional two million (2,000,000) petitions and applications.
           In response, Congress allocated an additional $250 million ($250,000,000) to USCIS for backlog reduction operations. This is in addition to the amounts the USCIS collects every day as FILING FEES with every piece of paper submitted.
           USCIS “plans to focus on a combination of new staff, expanded overtime hours, and information technology investments to promote more efficient processing of cases and use of officers’ times.”
           We shall believe it when we see it.

           The name KOCH BROTHERS is well known in American politics. The brothers, Chares and David Koch, are a very rich family, owners of a number of chemical companies, employers of tens of thousands of workers worldwide – and big, big donors to the right wing of the American political scene. (Recently, one brother, David Koch, passed away).
           Recently, and surprisingly, some groups supported by Charles Koch, announced that they would start a campaign to convince members of Congress, presumably – Republicans (Democrats don’t need convincing) to support a broad immigration reform bill.
           According to “The Hill” (an internet news outlet), the president of one Koch-supported group stated the following:
           “Politicians in Washington are failing their constituents. Practical immigration fixes would give us a stronger economy, a stronger border, and a stronger America. An overwhelming number of Americans agree, but Congress cares more about fighting than solving problems," said Daniel Garza, president of the Libre Initiative.
"Our call is simple: start by pairing reforms that have broad support and let’s start reforming our outdated immigration systems,” he added.
           Better late than never.


           The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), published proposed REGULATIONS, to fix firmly, through proper legal procedure, the cancellation of Trump rules about Public Charge.
           PUBLIC CHARGE is a person who cannot support himself/herself and needs the support of an official entity (Federal, State, County, etc.). Such a person, is not ADMISSIBLE to the U.S. and is denied a visa, a Green Card and maybe citizenship.
The Trump Administration published regulations in 2019,
declaring that any kind of support – past, present or even if only LIKELY
in the future – turns a non-citizen into and INADMISSIBLE PUBLIC CHARGE. These 2019 Regulations also came with new and very burdensome requirements for the
AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT. It became very difficult to immigrate elderly people, or young kids, or anybody with any kind of health problem.
           Now DHS published proposed Regulations under which only CASH ASSISTANCE or long-term institutionalization at government expense would turn a non-citizen into an inadmissible public charge. MEDICAID, FOOD STAMPS, HOUSING OR TRANSPORTATION VOUCHERS, etc. are not cash assistance and are okay.
           Actually, this was the public charge law before Trump. Welcome back.


           Actually, not so new. Over the past ten (10) years, quite a few states permitted ADULT USE (also known as recreational use) of cannabis. Many more states permitted MEDICAL use of cannabis and its derivatives. Advertising of the different products and stores for their sales, seem to be everywhere (at least in California).
           But this permissiveness is only under STATE laws. FEDERAL law, especially IMMIGRATION law, still forbids and punishes the possession, use, sale of cannabis, even in localities where state law permits it.
           The result is that if a non-citizen is caught with – or admits to – or is only suspect of – certain use or possession of the product anywhere in the U.S. (or even outside of the U.S.), the non-citizen may be found INADMISSIBLE, denied a visa or an entry or even deported, if already in the U.S. Very confusing.
           Until Congress changes the immigration law, smoking is hazardous to your immigration health.
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