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08/04/2021 Issue
             The American Embassy in Manila cancelled all non-immigrant (B1/B2) visa appointments until the end of August 2021. It means that all Filipinos in need of a Visitor’s Visa for Business or Pleasure, as a Tourist of a Businessperson, must postpone their travel plans by several months.
           The reason? Covid-19 pandemic.
           It is still unpredictable how many and how fast interviews may be scheduled for Immigrant Visas.

           The Governor of Texas, Mr. Greg Abbott, issued an EXECUTIVE ORDER forbidding anybody to transport non-citizens from place to place in Texas. He ordered Texas State Police to stop vehicles suspected of transporting non-citizens and to confiscate those vehicles. (Only law enforcement may transport non-citizens.)
           If you live in Texas, it could be that if your father or spouse is a non-citizen and you drove them to the doctor or to work, your car would be confiscated.
           However, the U.S. Attorney General, Mr. Merrick Garland who is in charge of ICE, CIS and CBP (all the branches of the Immigration Service) sent a letter to Governor Abbott demanding that he cancel his order because it could interfere with the work of the Immigration Service.
           The Governor of Texas issued a public response claiming that the U.S. Attorney General does not understand the conditions in Texas.
Immediately, the U.S. Attorney General filed a lawsuit in Federal court against the Governor of Texas.
           Who will win? Stay tuned.


           If you are scheduled for a Biometrics Appointment (also known as Fingerprinting) and cannot make it, don’t just go there any other time. You must call a CONTACT CENTER (800-375-5283) and ask for a RESCHEDULING.
           You should call BEFORE the original date. If you do not reschedule in a timely manner, USCIS may consider your application as ABANDONED and deny it.
           Lots of money down the drain for missing an appointment.


           The Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit cancelled an Order of Removal issued by an Immigration Judge because it was “terse”, in other words “short”.
           The Immigration Judge ordered the deportation of a non-citizen in a one-sentence decision, without
giving any reasons why. The Court of
Appeals said that this was not acceptable. Reasons must be given.
The Court of Appeals also explained that the fact that Immigration Judges are overworked with thousands of cases (for each judge), is not an excuse for issuing an unexplained decision.


           Am American citizen can file a K-1 petition for an INTENDED SPOUSE who is overseas, with the purpose of bringing him or her to the U.S. so that they can get married in the U.S. (the marriage must take place within 90 days of arrival in the U.S.).
           One of the requirements for such a petition is that the couple, the U.S. citizen petitioner and the non-citizen “intended”, have met in person at least one time, within the two years before filing the petition.
           But now, in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, most meetings are conducted via Zoom or other electronic media.
           But be warned: for immigration purposes, such virtual meetings are not sufficient to file a K-1 petition. An actual, PERSONAL, meeting is required.


           Some young people (and some not so young) perpetually stay in school. They complete one degree, then start a second degree, then change course and take on completely different studies. In short, they are “eternal students”.
           The Trump Administration did not like them and published a proposal to put limits on the duration of F-1 student visas, in accordance with the time required for completion of a course of studies, mostly: 4 years. For some students, depending on the country of origin, the limit would have been 2 years.
           Now came the Biden Administration and cancelled the plan to put limits on student visas. If you get an F-1 visa, it would be “D/S” – Duration of Studies.
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