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Crow Calls May - June Sale

16 PAGES of  savings on many very popular items, such as 10/0 & 11/0 Czech Seed Beads, Warbonnet Kits & Readymade, Throwing Hawks & Frontier Knives, German Silverwork, No. Plains Style Conchos, Shell Discs & much more!

Powwow, Rendezvous, Re-enactment and Festival season is getting busier every week! Every week in May there will be more events, with the end of the month Memorial Day Weekend being as busy as ever. Even though our just went out in mid-April, you'll find a few new items in this Crow Calls.

24 items are featured below in the Crow Calls Sale area!

COUPON SPECIALS - Good Thru May 19!
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German Tanned Buckskin – White – 20% OFF!
We have obtained another batch of our fine quality German Tanned Buckskin at a great savings, this time in White!  Take advantage of these low prices today and get your new outfit ready for Powwow Season!

Note: only the 3 larger sizes are on sale.
1600-626-016, 1600-626-018, 1600-626-020
Reg $121.00-$157.00/ea.  SALE $96.80-$119.20/ea.
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20% OFF
Pendleton Towels – Last of these Designs!
Get them while they last and save 20% on these remaining styles.
Item No. 3710-233-061, 106, 309, 582, 716, 771, & 775              
Reg $49.50
Closeout $39.50

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Save 40%
7mm French Luster Crow Beads
We only have 15 colors left, so hurry and take advantage of this tremendous discount while our supplies last!
Item No. 8622-007

Reg $ 2.00/Oz 
SALE $1.20

Coupon Code "C-517
at Checkout - ends 5/19/17

Flat Cedar
Flat cedar is the most desired type, and as it is considered an herb of the sun, it is used as a purifying smudge to banish bad thoughts and spirits. Its smoke is thought to carry one's prayers, and so it is often burned in the Sweat Lodge and for other ceremonies. Native uses include: aromatic, astringent, diuretic, rheumatism, intermittent fevers, coughs, pain and as a heart stimulant. Other names: White Cedar, Arbor Vitae.  $2.50 / ¼ pound

2nd Quality Brain Tan Look Buckskin
Very nice quality hides we were able to  purchase at a super price! Tanned like  our 1st quality hides, these are buffed on the grain  side in order to give them the look and feel of real
brain tanned buckskin, which is always sueded on  both sides. The only difference is a slight variation in
color, which contributes to their hand-tanned look.  Being double-sueded, they are the same color and feel  for projects where both sides of the hide show. The  light chamois color is very close to a lightly smoked
brain tan color, and the large size and soft tanning  make them excellent for garments and many  other projects.
 LIMITED QUANTITY! Get yours while they last!
1600-458-012 10-12 sf  $85
1600-458-012 10-12 sf $99  
New Shipments are in and others are coming of our popular Trekker Military Half Boots and Colonial Men's Shoes with Buckles. We're working on getting the 'buckle' shoes in women's sizes too. It's been hard keeping up with the demand for these, but it's getting better. Order yours today!
New Items - Just In!

Inletting An Octagon Swamped Rifle Barrel - Mark Silver  Using traditional hand tools, demonstrates how to inlet a tapered and flared (swamped) octagon rifle barrel in a hand hewn, curly maple stock like an the 18th century gunsmith. Includes bonus segment on laying out a rifle pattern on a hand hewn gunstock. 55 minutes.

4085-003-037     $29.95

Gunstock Stain & Finishes - Mark Silver  45 minute demonstration on how to do gunstock stain and Finishes on a very fine Golden Age Flintlock Kentucky Rifle. Mark shows all the tips and tricks learned over years as a professional gunmaker, and includes staining and finishing the ramrod as well.

4085-003-038     $29.95

Charcoal Bluing A Gun Barrel – Gun Maker Tom Snyder  demonstrates his tried and true method of charcoal bluing a gun barrel. Includes a segment on making charcoal as commercial charcoal is not suitable for this procedure. A bonus segment highlights the fine quality tools that Tom makes for those interested in building 18th century style firearms in a traditional manner. 45 minutes.

4085-003-039     $29.95

Featured New Items from Catalog 34

Concho Belt Kit
Now available in both Brass or German Silver with an improved front buckle closure. Concho belts are worn extensively by men and women on the Northern and Southern Plains. Popular for both modern and traditional outfits, these Concho Belt Kits include 3" wide strap leather, a 1-1/2" buckle, buckle straps, leather lace for attaching conchos, 2-1/2" Conchos in brass or German silver, and fully illustrated instructions.   
36" w/10 conchos  $69
48" w/14 conchos  $79

Pendleton Dopp Purses for 2017 - 3 new colors

100% wool fabric with removable cotton canvas strap and nylon lining. Spot clean. Imported of USA fabric. Random horizontal pattern placement.  Size: 9.5” x 5” x 5.5”


Traditional Dancer's Rawhide Shield KitCrazy Crow Trading Post is pleased to introduce a rawhide shield kit intended for use at today's powwows, primarily by Northern Traditional style dancers. Our Traditional Dancer's Rawhide Shield Kit contains a 9" genuine rawhide disc, a tradecloth strip with selvedge, buckskin lace, 4" x 12" buckskin for the arm straps, 4 imitation eagle or hawk feathers and fully illustrated instructions

Dyed Imitation Eagle  $19.95

Hand Painted Imitation Eagle or Red Tail Hawk  $39.50

Selected Items from Crow Calls Sale
Ends June 30, 2017- Don't miss it!
People Doing Things That Matter: 
Dr. Tammy Greer - Houma
While working on the Petal Southern Miss Powwow event listing for the Crazy Crow Powwow Calendar, we needed more information on the powwow 'organizer'. While researching that (something we commonly resort to for a more complete listing), we ran into this story about Tammy Greer, whose name we recognized from several other online articles about that powwow over the years, as well as other activities revolving around her work with University of Southern Mississippi's Center for American Indian Research and Studies. We thought it was a nice story worth sharing. From a child raised a by traveling minister when her mother couldn't care for her, to a return to her native people, time in the military, return to Mississipi and reconnection with powwows and native culture, to a university education and doctorate, we thought you'd enjoy learning more about Dr. Tammy Greer.
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