News from your Parish
While sunday school teacher Jim Penny tells Easter stories, Emily Low guides students to making Easter crafts.
Please find below an outline of  pertinent events at the parish for the next two weeks.
Monday, April 29
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Tuesday, April 30
8:30 – 11:00AM Pastor @ Kīlauea Hui
7:00PM - ICIA (see below for more info.)

Wednesday, May 1
12Noon Noonday Prayer
4:00PM Bible Study
5:30PM Sung Evening Prayer
6:15PM Choir Practice

Thursday, May 2
6:30AM Pastor and Senior Warden at Mayor’s National Prayer breakfast
5:30PM Faith Hui Celebration for disaster relief collaboration @ Connect Point Church

Sunday, May 5 - Easter 3
7:30AM Holy Eucharist - Quiet Service 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music  and Sunday School
4:30PM Lincoln Park Service
5:00PM Feed the Hungry Program at Salvation Army

Monday, May 6
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Tuesday, May 7
8:30 – 11:00AM Pastor @ Kīlauea Hui

Wednesday, May 8
12Noon Noonday Prayer
4:00PM Bible Study
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Sunday, May 12 Easter 4 – Graduating Senior Olivia Boucher Guest Speaker 
7:30AM Holy Eucharist - Quiet Service 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music 

Monday, May 13 
Pastor Katlin away thru May 24th
Father David to handle Emergency Pastoral Care
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Wednesday, May 15
Noonday Prayer Bible Study, Holy Eucharist will resume May 29th.  
6:15PM Choir Practice

Thursday, May 16
2:00PM Peanut Butter Ministry – Prep Crew – Hilo United Methodist Church 
5:00PM Peanut Butter Ministry – Serve Crew – Hilo United Methodist Church

Sunday, May 19 Easter - Father David Glaser to Supply
7:30AM Holy Eucharist - Quiet Service 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music 

Monday, May 20
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Wednesday, May 22
Noonday Prayer Bible Study, Holy Eucharist will resume May 29th.   
6:15PM Choir Practice

Saturday, May 25
9:00AM Sunday School Appreciation Breakfast

Sunday, May 26 Easter 6
7:30AM Holy Eucharist - Quiet Service 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music  and Sunday School
11:45AM Vestry Meeting

Monday, May 27 Office Closed for Memorial Day 

Tuesday, May 28
8:30AM – 10:30AM Pastor @ Kīlauea Hui
7:00PM ICIA General Meeting 

Wednesday, May 29
12Noon Noonday Prayer
4:00PM Bible Study
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Saturday, June 1
All Day Pastor in Honolulu for Diocesan meeting 

Sunday, June 2 - Easter 7 
9:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music 

Fellowship follows all Sunday services.  

* K ilauea Hui is an organization made up of community leaders who are responding to the long-term effects of the recent lava activity.  
Reminders and Announcements:
Bible Study will begin May 1st.
A sung Evening Prayer will be held the first Wednesday of every month instead of the Eucharist. Father David Glaser will officiate.
Noonday Prayer is now being held every Wednesday. Join us in the sanctuary.
Wishlist: Some of our members have asked to donate supplies to the church. If you are interested, download the wishlist here.
How can our Holy Apostles Community take steps to be more sustainable and kind to our environment?

We are all familiar with the plastic six pack holders that attach our favorite canned juices, soda, and beer. Did you know that they are an ocean hazard to birds and marine animals? Birds can catch a loop around their necks while fishing in the ocean and drown. Young seals and other marine animals could get the rings caught around their necks which could cause them to suffocate.

What can you do to help? Before you toss the six pack holders into the garbage, snip each ring with a scissors. When you're on the beach please pick up any six pack holders and snip before you throw them away. You can make a difference. Thank you!
Dr. Marina Karides of UH Hilo’s Sociology department will provide context on social tensions among us here on Hawaiʻi Island as ICIA begins is examination of “Dangerous Strangers and the Freying of Aloha” at our next general meeting.
  • Date: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
  • Time: 7PM
  • Location: Hilo United Methodist Church, 374 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, HI 96720
Celebration of Ministry: Meals on Wheels
Chairperson: Diane Cockett

During the seasons of Thanksgiving and Easter for the past 25 years, the Church of Holy Apostles provides approximately 150 small goody bags to the Office of Aging. These goody bags accompany the Meals on Wheels drivers to their food preparation centers and eventually gets delivered to participating Kūpuna. The goody bags contain healthy treats and a holiday blessing.

This past Easter, two lovely ladies called our office to extend a hearty MAHALO for our ministry. Listen to their mahaloʻs by clicking HERE .

Your ministry matters! Thank you for all of the goodwill and aloha shared with the community.
Seminarian Update 
Andrew Arakawa and his family, Kim and Liam , were active at Holy Apostles until a few years ago when they moved to Virginia after Andrew discerned a call to the priesthood. CHA sponsored his ordination discernment through seminary and Andrew will graduate from Virginia Theological Seminary this May! God willing and the people consenting, the Rt. Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick will ordain Andrew Arakawa and Stephen McPeek to the transitional diaconate on June 22, 2019 at 10:00 am in the Cathedral of St. Andrew. Pastor Katlin and others will present Andrew in the liturgy on behalf of Holy Apostles. A gift has been prepared from Holy Apostles (to be later announced so not to spoil the surprise). If you can make the trip, the liturgy of ordination is an open invitation! Additionally, Andrew has been appointed to a chaplain position at 'Iolani school in Honolulu. Congratulatory notes may be sent to Holy Apostles and will be forwarded to Andrew. 
Tallyʻs and Totals: Attendance
• Maundy Thursday - 36 present
• Good Friday - 65 present
• Stations of the Cross - 40 present
• Holy Saturday - Liturgy - 12 present
• Holy Saturday Vigil - 46 present
• Easter Sunrise - 43 present
• Easter Principal - 125 present
Centering Prayer:
Looking for a spiritual network of individuals committed to receive the gift of contemplative prayer in which we experience God's presence within us? This method of prayer is both a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.

Visit our weekly Centering Prayer meetings held on Mondays at 5:30p.m.
Saturday, May 25, 2019
3:30PM Event Opens
Enjoy ʻono grinds, connects with friends and loved ones, begin designing your luminary, check out the motorcycles and classic cruisers.
Celebrate our island heritage with cultural dances and local music on the lawn. Bring low back beach chairs and umbrellas for your comfort.
Hilo Bon Dance Club
Join in the celebration as the Hilo Bon Dance Club and Tsukikage Odori Kai Dancers open their official Bon season at this event promising to perform their favorite and most popular dances for all to join in. 
7:00PM - Lantern Ceremony
Take part in the revered Lights of Remembrance Procession and release your lantern into Reedʻs Bay in honor of your loved ones. Luminary sales will end once sold out or by 6:00pm.
VOLUNTEERS WANTED! Shuttle loaders and shoreline ushers are needed. If you are interested in volunteering, call Lani at 969-1733
Sunday Paper Junior
Get your copy HERE
Kupuna Korner:

Get the most current edition of the Hawaiʻi County Office of Aging monthly report here:

Pastoral Care: For Pastoral Care, please call Pastor Katlin at 333.7693.
Prayer List: Call the church office or speak with our pastor if you have a prayer request. (808-935-5545) or
The Prayer list is refreshed the beginning of each month.
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