SPRING 2019 
March 1 - June 7, 2020

Become A Certified Yoga Instructor  This Spring! 

or Earn  RYT200/RYT500 
Continuing Education Credits

Teach The Change You Wish To See In The World
& Save Up To $400 with Early-Bird Enrollment In January!

UpDog School For Yoga can help you begin an open-hearted journey to becoming a Yoga Instructor as you learn how to share what you love with others - it's the best thing you'll ever do!

Our Spring RYT200 program begins Sunday, March 1 - June 7, 2020.  Sessions meet once per week on Sundays 7:30AM-4:00PM (excluding observed holidays) in our Rochester studio for a very manageable pace.  

The January 15 deadline for early bird registration is fast approaching to save $100 on Spring tuition with your $200 deposit.  An additional $300 discount is available if you pay your tuition in full by January 31.  Payment plans are also available.  

Upon enrolling, you will receive FREE Yoga at UpDog, f rom the date you enroll thru the end of training in June 2020 - over an $800 value in FREE Yoga!  FREE Yoga is included at both UpDog-Rochester and UpDog-Sterling Heights locations.
Yoga Teacher Training is a wonderful experience that will enrich your life in so many positive ways, both during and after the training is complete.   Our program is open to Yoga practitioners of ALL experience levels aspiring to learn, with no prerequisites.

People come to our training from all different walks of life, and all are encouraged to use this course to begin or continue a journey of personal exploration and acceptance.  Even if you don't plan on teaching professionally, the personal benefits of the program are profound.   

Not only will you learn the fundamentals of Yoga and grow your own personal practice, but most importantly, teacher training is a  rite of passage that will help you grow as an individual to find more happiness and fulfillment of Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a very individualized and personal experience that pushes our limits, expands our horizons, and opens our heart and mind to shine brightly out into the world with love
and compassion to help and teach others.

If you are already looking within, you are
searching in the right place.  Let us help you on your journey with the experience of a lifetime.   We'd love to include you in our program!

If you've been considering deepening your Yoga practice and learning how to teach others the amazing path of Yoga, the time is now.  Teacher training truly is a life-changing experience.  Let us help you find your bliss!

Click Here to visit the Teacher Training page of our website to learn more  


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Feel free to contact Jill a call any time to further discuss our program and determine if Teacher Training is right for you: 248.608.6668

What You Will Learn
Training Curriculum
UpDog's  curriculum is both " heart " and " spirit " based, helping students learn the skills necessary to teach mindful yoga for every BODY.   We embrace multiple styles of Yoga at UpDog.  Your training will be well-rounded and cover several core styles of Yoga including:  Ashtanga, Basic Hatha, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin, as well as Meditation, Pranayama, Chakras & Subtle Energy and an introduction to Nutrition & Ayurveda.  

Training consists of weekly training modules covering all teacher training core curriculum in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards.  Students will become immersed in and learn:
  • Yoga History & Philosophy:  
    Foundations of teaching Yoga, an cient teachings of the Yoga Sutra, Eight Limbs of
    Yoga, ethic codes of Yoga, living the Yamas
    & Niyamas in a modern world, essential Sanskrit
  • Asanas:  Teaching safely in the styles of Ashtanga, Basic, Slow Flow, Vinyasa and Yin including benefits, precautions, principles of
    and modifications  

  • Ashtanga Yoga Intensive: 
    A deep 
    dive into understanding practicing and instructing in the primary poses of this noble practice which forms the foundation for many other styles of Yoga 
  • Foundations of Basic & Yin:  Basic Yoga and
    Yin Yoga practices, 
    developing class formats, utilizing therapeutic adjustments 
  •  Slow Flow & Vinyasa Immersion:  Linking postures, breath and movement into a more vigorous flow, developing class formats and class pacing
  • Chair Yoga:  Introduction to the practice and practical application of Chair Yoga 
  • Anatomy & Physiology:  Learning the basics of the body's musculoskeletal, facia,  glandular, respiratory and nervous systems
  • The Art of Adjustment:   Understanding
    techniques and benefits of mindful,
    supported andtherapeutic adjustments specific to various styles of Yoga
  • Meditation & Pranayama:  Varied breathing techniques, moving the mind beyond limitations and experiencing stillness; learning how to bring this gift to others 
  • Chakras & Subtle Energy:  Learning about
    prana and the subtle energy body, koshas, our chakra energy centers and how to
    balance them     
  • Nutrition & Ayurveda:  An introduction to Nutrition, Doshas and Ayurvedic principles
    for a healthy lifestyle
  • Training Methodology:  Discovering what it is to be a Yoga instructor:  class construct,  sequencing, music mixing, finding your
    personal teaching style 
    and expression.
  • Teaching Practicum:  In-depth practice
    teaching sessions with feedbacks, gradually
    building to a 60-minute class

Teacher Trainer Perks

Included with your tuition, from the day you enroll thru the end of training in  June:

  • FREE Unlimited Yoga Classes at two studios,  UpDog Rochester and UpDog Sterling Heights,  to  complement and enhance your practice  (over $800 value)    
  • FREE or discount admission to all Workshops
    offered at UpDog during the training
  • 15% discount on Massage, Reiki Energy Healing 

   Therapy, and Vibroacoustic Sound Healing 
   Therapy (individual sessions by appt.)

  • 10%-15% discount on Merchandise from our
    in-studio  Retail  Boutique 
    • Yoga Gear & Apparel
    • Crystals & Gemstones
    • Jewelry
    • Singing Bowls
    • Salt Lamps
    • Smudging Supplies... and so much more!

Need To Know Info
Fast Facts

Spring 2020 RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training 
Upon program completion you will receive a certificate of completion and qualify 
for RYT200 certification from Yoga Alliance
Classes meet weekly at UpDog Yoga-Rochester
210  W.  University, Rochester, MI 48307

March 1 - June 7, 2020  
(13 weeks excluding observed holidays for
Easter and Memorial Day weekends)

Sessions meet weekly on Sundays 
(Meet & Greet Welcome Session, Friday, Feb. 28)

Whether you want to share what you love by 
teaching others, deepen your own practice, or 
simply learn more about Yoga - UpDog Yoga 
Teacher Training takes you through the amazing  path of Yoga and all its magic!  
Click Here   to visit the  Teacher Training page
of our website to learn more.

Spring RYT200 regular price is $2,900 but you can save up to $400 with early bird enrollment
and full tuition payment. Your tuition includes
expert instruction and mentorship from top  professionals in their field, all course
materials, handouts, and Teacher Trainer
Manual.   Plus, FREE Yoga, and  other free/discount  teacher trainer perks as  detailed.  
  • S ave $100 by submitting your $200 deposit for enrollment by January 15, 2020. 
  • Save an additional $300 if you pay
    your tuition in full by January 15, 2020.
  • Payment plans are available, if not paying
    full prior to training start.  Contact us 
    discuss your payment plan needs
    ($300 discount does not apply to payment plans).
Complete an  Enrollment Application and
submit with your $200 deposit.   Click Here  to download Application.   Contact Jill with questions and to make your deposit:  248.608.6668 or jill@updogyoga.com

Learn More:
 Click Here to submit an Inquiry Form with
your questions. 

Student Feedback
What Past Teacher Trainers  Say  About UpDog

"I feel as though I learned so much!  Free  practice ... great workshops ... helpful, professional
binder and materials - it was 
worth every penny!  The program is wonderfu l - you can practice at
UpDog the whole time, you meet GREAT people, the payment plan was very helpful.  The program touches on a variety of aspects of becoming a Yoga teacher.  UPDOG REALLY PREPARES YOU!"  
N. Bommarito, RYT® Spring 2011

"The comprehensive material covered was rich 
and offered an excellent variety of topics to study. 
I chose UpDog for my training because it covered 
aspects of teaching not provided elsewhere. 
The instructors are amazing. I hardly recognize 
the person I was before beginning the program.
I feel as though I have discovered more of myself 
- physically, emotionally and spiritually."
G. Gatzke, RYT® Spring 2019
"The training has helped me incorporate Yoga 
more fully into my lifestyle and inspired me to 
include it in my career path. I learned so much 
about teaching and my own personal practice. 
I gained a great understanding of all types of 
Yoga  and the energetic body. I had an all 
around  Amazing experience!"   
A. Ward, RYT® Fall 2017
"Great instructors with a diversity of experience. 
The training program was enhanced by the 
opportunity to participate in everything offered 
at  the studio - workshops and practicing at 
UpDog  throughout the week complemented and reinforced  the lessons we learned in the 
classroom. I thoroughly  enjoyed immersing myself in this Yoga community.  So rewarding to connect with others while learning  from and supporting each other."   K. Turner, RYT® Spring 2019
"I learned so much in this training program. 
  I definitely see a difference in my body and 
mental state and meditation is now an important 
part of  my life after this training.  I enjoyed the 
variety of  teaching styles from the different
teachers involved  in the program and each of 
them  showed a great  deal of passion for what 
they do.   I loved  coming to  the studio, such a 
warm and  inviting environment.   I learned so 
muc h that I  feel as if I have won the lottery - it
enriched my  life in many ways, and  I'm so  happy
  to be where  am at today."  
R. Sidhu, RYT® Fall 2017

"This experience gave me so much more
  confidence and helped my anxiety.  It gave me the
  power to pursue my dream job!  I met so many 
great people that opened up opportunities.  
really felt like everyone cared and supported me.  
The uniqueness of each teacher involved in the 
program made me realize there is no 'cookie cutter'  Yoga teacher or style, and I can just be ME.  
I can't  wait to do the 500hr. training."  
M. McCarthy, RYT® Fall 2017 

"I really appreciated  the variety of teachers -
great exp erience and techniques.  The studiowas clean and the atmosphere was great.  
I loved all the extras, the materials, the knowled ge
of the staff.  The enthusiasm of each and every 
teacher, and the heart and thought that was put
into all as pects of the program make UpDog a 
great learning experience.  It provides you with
the knowledge you can take out into the world
of teaching.  THANK YOU ALL!"  
C. Lyons, RYT® Spring 2013,RYT® 500 Spring 2015

"I was very happy with everyone, the friendly and welcoming feel I have here at UpDog.  I had the ability to contact any teacher whenever I
wanted, and every single member of the team
was willing to help.  The retreat and free Yoga
classes were 
awesome!   C. Beaton, RYT® Fall 2012
"Program was organized, great teachers and studio
environment.  All the teachers were so helpful and 
I love all the friends and family I've made through this experience."  V. Hodges, RYT® Spring 2018

"I loved everything and it was an amazing
experience!  I learned so much, not just ab
Yoga but about myself.  You learn a lot about 
yourself on all those early Sunday mornings!  
The program definitely gave me more confidence 
and helped me let go of any fears that hinder me 
from doing what makes me happy.  I now think
more positive and give gratitude.  I love this studio 
and all the workshops and classes it offers."
S. Butty, RYT® Fall 2017
"The training has helped me incorporate Yoga
more fully into my lifestyle and  inspired me to 
include  it in my career pa th.  I learned so much 
about teaching and my own  persona l practice.  
I gained a great understanding of all types of 
Yoga  an d the energetic body.  I had an all around
  Amazing experience!"   A. Ward, RYT® Fall 2017
"Quality of instruction, materials, readi ngs, value 
for the money  - all a perfect 'ten.'  If you were a 
friend of mine and considering this training, I
would say 'do it' and keep practicing - all really IS  coming!  Z. Ahlstrom, RYT® Fall 2011

"To me the competence as well as the passion of a  teacher (or the student) makes the difference.  
I felt that there was an effort made to comprehend 
each student and take him or her from where they 
were to where they wanted to go.  Real passion to 
bring Yoga to the world, and to live it.  Lots and lots 
of  heart - not just business as usual.  Every single 
session  w as great, class sequencing  was great, 
practicing  call-outs was great.  It was a fabulous, 
mature, very- well developed program - organized 
nd professional.   It equips you with the tools you 
need to  successfully teach Yoga." 
C. Vogel, RYT® Fall 2 012

"I loved all the teachers and being  surrounded by 
amazing people devoted to self growth and helping   
me find a deeper confidence in myself.  It was a 
great  experience  and I'm excited to take everything 
I learned    with me in both my  teaching and personal 
practice." J. Toland, RYT® Spring 2018

"Great overview of so many aspects of Yoga!  We
were introduced to a lot and given all the resources 
to guide our self study.  I plan to teach what I have 
learned not only in the classroom but to those 
around me."   L. Kayser, RYT® Fall 2017

"The program made me more serious and 
committed to my Yoga practice.  I feel like Yoga is a 
permanent part of my life now.  I had already done
some reading about Yoga, but the training brought
me more in touch with my spiritual and metaphysical 
side.  I also really enjoyed the variety of instructors 
involved in the program.  It was good to get different 
perspectives, teaching styles and methods in both 
the classroom and in the workshops." 
S. Wulbrec ht, RYT® Spring 2018

"My entire RYT200 experience at UpDog was more 
than I ever expected!  I went into the training with 
minimal knowledge and ended with more than  I ever 
expected to gain.  Teachers are incredibly helpful 
wonderful!  I will be continuing my Yoga teacher 
training at the 500 level with UpDog." 
J. Sharrow, RYT® Fall 2016

"The balance between tec hnical understanding and
practical information needed for teaching, the
weekly handouts, the retreat, and in-studio 
made it an amazing experience - thank  you 
so much!"  
T. Benziger, RYT® Sp ring 2011
"I really like UpDog!  The study groups,  practicing 
call-outs during a ctual classes, teacher feedbacks were 
all grea t.  I also loved how well our group bonded and
supported  each other."  C. Below, RYT® Spring 2012

"I really loved anatomy, the observations and all
the hand-outs!  I found the adjustment weekend,
practicing callouts and anatomy the most  beneficial - 
along with learn ing how to build a class from the
ground up .  My  educational  experience at  UpDog was 
a mazing - the instructors  helped me with all my 
questions, and w ere here to  support me in all
aspects of the training.  Ask  anyone, and  they'll tell 
you that UpDog is known  for their  in-depth training - 
especially their  adjustments.   Many other studios 
don't really 'teach' - my  experience at UpDog is that 
this is REAL Yoga!"   
A. Nido,  RYT® Spring 2013

"Compared to other studios, this was an incredible 
for the money, especially considering the free 
Yoga, workshops and food.  I thought the quality of material/handouts, the opportunities to practice Yoga,
to learn new techniques of instruction, and the pace/
timing of the training was excellent.  The quality of 
instruction, the commitment of the staff and the 
ability to practice throughout the training were my
favorite parts.  If you're thinking about it, just do it!  It will give you a greater sense of confidence, empowerment and will deepen your own commitment and interest in the process.  You won't regret it!"
S. Sarver, RYT® Fall 2014

"Great program! Enjoyed the access to the variety of
Yoga styles, lineages, classes and instructors as part of
the UpDog training.  Appreciate the opportunity to
learn from people who are truly passionate about what
they do.  I came to UpDog already knowing I find peace
of mind in my Yoga practice, but now I have a wealth
of knowledge behind the practice.  I'm leaving with
confidence and a greater sense of self.  Thank you!"
S. Lancaster , RYT® Spring 2019

Module Drop-In & 
Continuing  Education Credits
Maintain Your RYT200 or RYT500 Certification with CEC

Continuing Education is a big part of your annual re-certification with Yoga Alliance as  a Registered Yoga Teacher, at both the 200-hour and 500-hour levels.  This Spring earning your Continuing Education Credits (CEC) is as easy as saying, Namaste!

For those considering teacher training but can't make the time c ommitment for a full 200-hour  training program, you can choose from one or more of our Spring training modules at a drop-in rate.  This is a great way to learn more, enhance your practice and experience a portion of the teacher training experience for one or more sessions to see if a full training program may be part of your future.  

Or perhaps you are already a registered RYT200 or RYT500, who would like to further hone your skills and earn continuing education credits to maintain your Yoga Alliance certification while focusing on specific areas that simply need polishing.  This is especially helpful if you have not taught for any length of time or feel adequate time was not spent on certain areas of your prior training, such as class flow construct, adjustments, anatomy, practice teaching time in a studio setting, etc.  

You can submit the hours you complete as Continuing Education Contact Hours toward your Yoga Alliance CE requirements.

Cost to attend a full day and earn CEC is $175 per day.  Attend multiple days and save at only $125 per day for two or more days.  Prior graduates of UpDog training programs receive additional discounts. 

Contact us for more information about specific session topics by date and to discuss your needs.  Call Jill at 248.608.6668 or Click Here to submit an Inquiry Form and specify CEC. 

Sample modules include:
  • Ashtanga Immersion
  • Yin & Therapeutic Yoga 
  • Basic Yoga Immersion
  • Slow Flow & Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yoga Anatomy 
  • Art of Yoga Adjustments
  • Class Construct 
  • Pranayama Breathing Techniques
  • Chakras & Subtle Energy
  • Nutrition, Ayurveda & Doshas

About Us
One of Southeast Michigan's Only  200-hr & 500-hr 
Yoga Alliance Certified Schools

Over the past 19 years, UpDog has trained and certified hundreds of our areas best and brightest Yoga Teachers and Studio O wners.  You will learn from the best and receive personalized attention as part of our Teacher Training  program:
  • UpDog  teachers and staff are some of the most experienced in the industry, many with the highest certifications available from Yoga Alliance, including E-RYT500 and C-IAYT.
  • Our staff's de dication to their students and the sense of community and positive energy at UpDog is readily apparent from  your first visit.  
  • UpDog is one of the only 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified schools in Southeast Michigan. Our school also offers Yoga Continuing Education (CE) credits endorsed by Yoga Alliance as part of training modules and specialized workshops.
  • Based on Yoga Alliance post-graduate surveys:  98% are "very satisfied" with their training and an amazing 99% recommend UpDog Teacher Training to a friend. 

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