May 2020 Newsletter
Do Something Sweet for Mother's Day 
and Give M-O-M the Gift of OM 

Purchase an  UpDog  Gift Certificate totaling $50 or more from our Online Store and receive a FREE  1-Month Unlimited Yoga Online Pass for our UpDog Yoga From Home  online classes ($20 value).  Free 1-Month Unlimited Online can be applied to Mom's or your account.
Personalize  and order eGift   Certificates  in any denomination from  our Online Store which can be printed out or emailed directly to your recipient,   or   call us to purchase via credit card by phone: 248-608-6668.

Gift certificates can be redeemed and used on ANY UpDog services in-person or online anytime: Yoga Classes, Workshops, Private Yoga Therapy, or Merchandise

Customizable UpDog e-Gift Certificate Sample

Join Us Online As Our Physical Studios Remain Closed for In-Person Classes thru May 28 During Michigan COVID-19 Social Distancing

Per Michigan's latest COVID-19 social distancing order, both UpDog Rochester and Sterling Hgts. physical studio locations remain closed thru May 28.  We plan to re-open as of May 29 or as permitted.  In the meantime, we are online with several services including online Yoga classes and workshops.  We are committed to the health and wellness of you, our valued clients, as well as our instructors and all patrons of both studios, and will endeavor to do our part to assist in stopping both the spread and elimination of the COVID-19 virus in our communities. 

Please visit the Home page of our website and our studio Facebook pages for ongoing updates:

Facebook Rochester:
Facebook Sterling Hgts: 

Our phone lines are always open, so please call us if 
you have any questions, anytime: 
Rochester:  248-608-6668
Sterling  Hgts: 586-232-9555

FREE Online Yoga Classes for Healthcare Workers

As a thank you to all our Healthcare Heroes in our Michigan communities, UpDog Yoga invites you to join our  UpDog Yoga- From Home Online Yoga Classes for FREE! We appreciate all you are doing in our community and want to extend gratitude by offering you 100% free access to our online yoga offerings now and thru the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We hope you will enjoy these daily Yoga classes, meditations and mindfulness sessions to help you de-stress when you have the time and are not busy and hard at work. UpDog Yoga From Home offers both live streaming classes daily at scheduled times, as well as a library of recorded sessions which you can watch at your convenience anytime.
All employees with a valid ID from any Michigan hospital receive FREE access to the group with just a few simple steps:
  1. Take a pic. of your hospital ID and text to 248-388-5487
  2. Click to Join UpDog Yoga From Home Facebook Group  (or search "UpDog Yoga From Home" from Facebook)
  3. Once we verify your ID via text, we add you to the group and you can begin enjoying our online session offerings at your convenience anytime
Thank you once again for all you do, as you truly are our heroes in this time of need. Be strong, safe and well and know that you are loved and appreciated beyond words!
"UpDog Yoga From Home" Online Yoga Classes

Start or enhance your at-home Yoga practice while our physical studios are closed per the COVID-19 social distancing order with "UpDog Yoga From Home," presented by your favorite UpDog instructors. This online service via Facebook Live allows you to still get your Yoga practice in from home, as led virtually by an UpDog instructor!
We offer 3-4 online Yoga classes daily via Facebook Live, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own ho me at your convenience. You have the option to tune-in to live streaming classes from a variety of UpDog instructors at pre-scheduled times, or view the recorded videos from their sessions whenever you like.  All class styles are available online, including:  Basic, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yin, Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Gentle Flow, Vinyasa and Guided Meditation.
Online class schedules are posted on both the Home and Class Schedule pages of our website, events section of our Updog Facebook page, and the calendar within the group:

It's 100% FREE to join if you are an UpDog Unlimited Member at either Rochester or Sterling Hgts. studio locations, a Michigan hospital employee with ID, or if you are an UpDog Teacher Trainee:   Click to Join UpDog Yoga From Home Facebook Group

Anyone else can join for only $20 per month which gives you a 1-Month Unlimited Online Pass for 30 days from date of purchase:  

UpDog Yoga From Home Online Weekly Class Schedule

Get Started:
1. If you're not already an UpDog Unlimited Member, purchase an UpDog Yoga From Home 1-Month Unlimited Pass online for $20 which is valid for 30 days from date of purchase: 
2. Join the UpDog Yoga at Home Facebook group (you must have an existing Facebook account or can quickly set-up one up): 
3.  Access the UpDog At Home Facebook group to tune-in to virtual Yoga classes in real-time at the scheduled time, or view the library of pre-recorded videos always available in the group at your convenience.  New content is added daily. 

Questions?  Give us a call: 248-608-6668

Stay stay safe and healthy and enjoy these online offerings - We LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!

FREE! Online Basic Yoga Class with Tracy Flynn
Monday, May 11 @ 12PM Noon
Tracy is going online with a live-stream Basic Yoga class FREE to all 
on Monday, May 11!  (pre-registration required)

Once you pre-register, a link will be emailed to you to join the class  30 min. prior to the scheduled class time (if you register less than 30-min. prior to class start, you can still attend and will receive a link within a couple of minutes). 

Note that this particular class is separate from our Facebook Live online class offerings and is not available thru UpDog Yoga From Home on Facebook.  This class is part of a new, turnkey live stream format we are launching next week that allows you to pre-register for classes directly from the UpDog class schedule at our website or the MindBody app. - just like you would if you were pre-registering for an in-person class, so no extra steps or other sites/platforms to access such as Facebook or Zoom.  Everything automatically syncs to your UpDog Yoga account with us!  

Best of all, this new online format will allow you to automatically use your existing UpDog class packs to attend online classes upon sign-up for each class.  You will also have the option to opt-in enable your own video and audio to chat live with the instructor before or after class.  Likewise if your video is enabled, the instructor can provide you with more personalized verbal cues during the class (video/audio is always completely optional for each class, so you can still remain anonymous if you choose!).  

This noon Basic class weekly on Mondays, and more class offerings, in this new live stream online format coming very soon - watch our website and Facebook page for class schedule details.

Custom Virtual Yoga Sessions

Now more than ever is the time for self care!  If you are interested in individualized  Yo ga Therapy sessions,  Certified Yoga Therapist, Tracy Flynn (C-IAYT, E-RYT500), is available virtually online by  appointment. 
Instructor Tracy Flynn - Online From Home

Tracy has been teaching Yoga full-time for over 20 years and providing personalized Yoga Therapy to clients of all ages for 10 years.  S essions can be tailored to your specific needs and interests and include a personalized consultation and assessment. Virtual sessions will be offered at the reduced rate of $55 per session vs. the standard in-person therapy rates.   Please contact Tracy direct to  discuss your needs and to schedule:

See below video of in-person Private Yoga Therapy session Tracy did for "Shaggy and the Creep" of Insane Clown Posse in early March, just prior to the social distancing order, which they produced into this video for their show. Not your typical Gentle Yoga clients for sure, however, as you'll see Tracy used modeling to work with these clients and their limitations . Check it out as both informative and entertaining! Y oga is for EVERYONE - Whoop, Whoop!
Using Yoga To Fight Corona!
Several more of your favorite UpDog Yoga instructors are also ava ilable to teach a virtual Yoga class  in your class style of choice, including meditations and private consultation.  We'll discuss your needs beforehand and then connect with you online via your choice of Zoom or FaceTime for a personalized, custom session and dialogue with you and/or your in-home group in real-time!  

Cost for custom virtual sessions start at $25 per session depending on your specific needs and session length. Reduced package rates for multiple sessions are available.  Please contact us for a quote and to schedule one or more sessions anytime!
Online Yoga Nidra Therapy 
For Releasing Anxiety 
This Friday, May 8 Online via Facebook Live
Friday, May 8
$12 per person 
Location: Online via Facebook Live (link to join workshop online is emailed upon paid registration)

Yoga  N idra , or  Yogic  sleep as it is commonly known, is  a state  of being between sleep and consciousness that's conducive to deep emotional and physical healing, rewiring your brain, and self- exploration.  It is  both deeply restorative and an immensely powerful meditation technique that is one of the easiest Yoga practices to develop and maintain.   One  hour of Yoga  Nidra  promotes  deep  physical, emotional and mental rest  and  relaxation, leaving  you with a sense of  wholeness,  that is as restful as several hours of  sleep.
Yoga  Nidra   is  a practice  that's easy to follow and everyone   of all ages  can  do.  Simply  set -up a cozy spot in your home with a blanket, pillow and cushions or  bolsters,  lay down  on the  floor  in  savasana  (corpse pose ) and follow Yvonne's voice as she guides you.  The art of self-care is approached from a therapeutic standpoint, creating a restorative environment for the mind, releasing anxiety and actually nourishing and rejuvenating the individual. The  stages of body scan and breath awareness calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health. 

Yoga Instructors: Earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits by attending this workshop.

Yvonne Clark is certified at the highest level of teaching  Yoga (E - RYT500)  and is a  Certified Yoga Therapist (C - IAYT) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).   She  has been  teaching yoga for over 10 years and has excellent experience with individuals and their unique needs, as well  as  groups working on specific practices. 
Germicidal UVC Sterilaser 
At UpDog Studios

Germicidal UVC Sterilaser at UpDog Yoga Studios
Check out video of the Sterilaser in action!

Germicidal UVC Disinfects All Practice Rooms, 
Floors and Yoga Mats (including yours) In Seconds!

As we are all in the midst of Coronavirus and being mindful of maintaining a clean, germ-free space, want to share some news about the new Sterilaser ™ cleaning device we now have at UpDog and will be using on all floors thruout the studio.
We will use this unit as part of our regular cleaning regimen when we are perm itted to re-open for regular in-studio classes (in addition to our regular dry and wet mop cleaning procedures we do on all practice room floors 2-3 times daily, as well as hallways, lobby and bathroom floors).
What is also very cool is that we can also use it to disinfect all of our rental Yoga mats and can even use on your own personal Yoga mat just by running it across your mat before and/or after class!
Sterilaser delivers a massive dose of germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) light to disinfect any large flat surface. When pulled at a normal walking pace, it will kill over 99.7% of all pathogens in its path in less than a quarter of a second (as verified by bio-medical testing at Oakland University and other studies. Click here to view the OU study results . It is perfectly safe, super quick, easy to use, and a chemical free (Green Technology) product.
It destroys dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses such as Hepatitis, STAPH (including MRSA), E-Coli, Salmonella, HIV and the Influenza-Viruses. Microorganisms, such as ring worm and dust mites are instantly killed, as is mold and mildew.  As a "Green Technology" UVC does not contribute to the development of resistant strains of microorganisms, as do other antimicrobials and antibiotics.
Hospitals have been using germicidal UVC for years. The Sterilaser unit in particular has been around for about 7 years and was concepted and manufactured right here in Rochester, MI out of a need to disinfect wrestling and gymnastics mats and is actively used in schools and gymnasiums nationwide. An UpDog client's husband, who is a former wrestler, emailed me about it when we began evaluating and looking for ways to further improve our cleanliness procedures to combat Coronavirus.  
We're pleased to be able to find a way to bring this same germicidal technology into the studio to make it as germ free as possible and to give all a little more peace of mind when practicing. We have two Sterilaser units and will use at both of the UpDog Rochester and Sterling Hgts. locations on a daily basis.   According to the manufacturer, we are the first Yoga studio nationwide to utilize the Sterilaser and we are excited to bring this technology to our Yoga community!

We're ever grateful for your continued support during these difficult and constantly changing times.  Our hearts go out to you and everyone dealing with this pandemic, in a variety of direct and indirect ways, including our own instructors, staff and DWU tenants. 

Despite the required social distance for now, when we come together as a community and open our hearts... we can and will create the necessary change for a brighter future.   Know that you are loved, and we look   forward to joining you on your mats again soon.  

Love & Light To All!
We understand these are unprecedented times for everyone, on all fronts, from your health, to economic, social and emotional well-being.  We're still here for you in any service capacities we can provide, despite our physical doors being closed for the time being.  

If you are able, any support you can provide in terms of purchase of  UpDog Yoga From Home online classes, Custom Virtual Yoga Sessions, advance purchases of in-studio Yoga Class Packages, Private Yoga Therapy Sessions, or Gift Certificates, for yourself or loved ones, is greatly appreciated.   

Customizable UpDog Gift Certificate Sample

Visit the Pricing page of our website for all other class package purchases, including in-studio and  UpDog Yoga From Home online services:

If you don't already have an UpDog Online Account, please visit the My UpDog page of our website to create one to take advantage of all of our online offerings:
Some of you have also called for props or other merchandise for your at-home practice (yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, mat cleaner, sage) and we have made those items available for pick-up curbside.  We appreciate you shopping local and just let us know if you need anything: 248-608-6668.

Thank You!    

Fall  RYT200 
Yoga Teacher Training
& RYT200/500 Continuing Education

Learn To Teach The Change You Wish To See 
Become A Certified Yoga Instructor This Fall!

UpDog can help you begin an open-hearted journey to becoming a Yoga Instructor. Learn how to share what you love with others - it's the best thing you'll ever do!
Start planning ahead for Fall 2020 Yoga Teacher Training, which  begins October 4, 2020 . Training takes place once a week on Sundays, Oct. 4, 2020 through January 10, 2021. All you need is a desire to teach the change you want to see!
UpDog's curriculum is both heart and spirit based, helping students learn the skills necessary to teach mindful, therapeutic yoga for every BODY. We embrace multiple styles of Yoga at UpDog. Your training will be well-rounded and cover several core styles of Yoga including: Ashtanga, Basic Hatha, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin as well as Meditation, Pranayama, Chakras & Subtle Energy and Nutrition & Ayurveda.
The UpDog School For Yoga is one of Michigan's premier Yoga schools and one of the area's only RYS200 & RYS300 Yoga Alliance endorsed schools. UpDog teachers and staff are some of the most experienced in the industry, many with the highest certifications available from Yoga Alliance, including E-RYT500 and C-IAYT. Over the past 19 years, UpDog Yoga has helped train hundreds of Michigan's strongest, most successful Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®)... and now it's your turn!
Yoga Teacher Training is a wonderful experience that will enrich your life in so many positive ways, both during and after the training is complete. Our RYT200 program is open to Yoga practitioners of ALL experience levels aspiring to learn, with no prerequisites.
Our $2,900 price makes UpDog's training remarkably affordable and you can save up to $400 with our early bird discounts:
  • Save $100 with $200 deposit prior to July 31, 2020
  • Save $300 with tuition paid in full prior to August 15, 2020
  • Payment plans are also available
  INCLUDED with your tuition:
  • FREE Unlimited Yoga Classes at UpDog-Rochester and UpDog-Sterling Hgts. to complement and enhance your practice - from day you submit your enrollment deposit through duration of the training.
  • Free or discount Workshops throughout the training
  • Discounts on Yoga gear, apparel, metaphysical items and other merchandise from our in-house retail boutique
  • Discounts on Massage Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing and Vibroacoustic Sound Healing appointments
Are you ready to start teaching the change you want to see in the world?
Contact Jill with questions and for more info:

Module Drop-In & Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits 
Maintain Your RYT200 or RYT500 Certification with CEC
For those considering teacher training but can't make the time c ommitment for a full 200-hour  training program, you can choose from one or more of our Fall training modules at a drop-in rate.  This is a great way to learn more, enhance your practice and experience a portion of the teacher training experience for one or more sessions to see if a full training program may be part of your future.  

Or perhaps you are already a registered RYT, who would like to further hone your skills and earn Continuing Education credits to maintain your Yoga Alliance certification while focusing on specific areas that simply need polishing.  This is especially helpful if you have not taught for any length of time or feel adequate time was not spent on certain areas of your prior training, such as class flow construct, adjustments, anatomy, practice teaching time in a studio setting, etc.  

Cost to attend a full day and earn CE is $175 per day.  Attend multiple days and save at only $125 per day for two or more days.  

You can submit the hours you complete as Continuing Education Contact Hours toward your Yoga Alliance CE requirements.  

Contact Jill at 248.608.6668 or  f or more information about specific session topics by date and to discuss your needs.
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