Plant the Seeds of Growth
Spring is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, and with warmer weather and longer days comes a renewed sense of energy and motivation. The change of season can serve as a nice reminder to refresh your mindset. Why not help your students cultivate their growth mindsets at the same time? The book excerpts featured in this month’s Upbeat News can help you get started with a focus on:
  • how to deal with your feelings about sharing your successes and missteps as an educator 
  • strategies to help students power up their positive thinking
  • eight ways to empower children to become more “Self Smart”

Below you’ll find a printable worksheet for helping children persevere with their goals, a free webinar on self-regulation presented by expert author Richard M. Cash, a special offer on resources that support a growth mindset, and more!
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Webinar Spotlight
Self-regulation for learning is the ability to effectively balance affect (how you feel), behaviors (what you do), and cognition (how you think) to pursue worthy goals. Teaching students to balance these three elements builds motivation, resilience, and college and career readiness. In this webinar, Dr. Richard M. Cash discusses doable, evidence-based practices to help students engage in learning, build confidence, set and manage goals, develop habits of thinking, do effective home study, and reflect on their learning.

Tips & Tools from the Free Spirit Blog
In this blog post, Differentiation for Gifted Learners authors Diane Heacox, Ed.D., and Richard M. Cash, Ed.D., share effective strategies for helping gifted students make the switch to a growth mindset. Read now.
Susan Daniels, Ph.D., author of Visual Learning and Teaching, shares guidelines for nurturing, developing, and sustaining children’s capacities for creative expression. Read now.
Educational grants available for your school or community:

The Learning Disabilities Foundation of America strives to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities and support creative and innovative solutions to help them achieve academic success. Funding is intended for scientific, literary, and educational services, as well as bringing public awareness to learning disabilities. Proposed projects may include innovative research into the causes, the prevention, or the alleviation of learning disabilities; distinctive public awareness programs to advance public understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities; or innovative programs to advance achievement of people with learning disabilities, increase the support skills of their families, support academic and professional advisors, and enhance the understanding of learning disabilities by their colleagues and employers.

Eligibility: Public, Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations)
Prize: Awards vary.
Deadline: Applications are due April 15, annually.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) offers the Amber Brown Grant to commemorate author Paula Danziger. The grant is awarded annually to one school and includes a visit by a children’s book author or illustrator to encourage children to read and connect them with creative influences.

Eligibility: Public, Private, Charter
Prize: The winning school receives a visit by an author or illustrator, a $250 stipend, and $250 worth of books by the visiting author or illustrator.
Deadline: Applications are accepted November 1 through April 15, annually.
Recent Review
“Through personal anecdotes and helpful tips, Ryan and Baker describe one of the most critical aspects of PBIS implementation: the school team. This revised edition includes cutting-edge research and tools to help teams overcome barriers and improve outcomes for all student groups, including students of color.” —Kent McIntosh, Ph.D., professor, special education, University of Oregon  

Free Download

To achieve his goal of getting across the tricky trapeze rings on the playground, Zach uses the Hang-In-There Rings. A printable worksheet from Zach Hangs In There by William Mulcahy, the Hang-In-There Rings will help children start with a goal, make a plan, make a new plan if needed, and keep trying to the end.

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“A word of encouragement during a failure
is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” —Anonymous