SCS Tracer, a Business Unit of
SCS is offering Ammonia Refrigeration Operator I & II, Intro and Advanced PSM/RMP/GDC, CARO Review, CIRO Review, and custom classes using an online delivery system with a live instructor or in person classes to ensure you continue to receive training for compliance with the Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program regulations.

Classes will automatically close with in 2 weeks prior to the start of class or if the class fills up. Check out the schedules below and register ASAP to reserve your spot!

SCS Tracer currently has 3 RAI's (RETA Authorized Instructors) with years of plant experience. 
Operator I
Operator II
CARO / CIRO Review
Intro to PSM / RMP / GDC
Advanced PSM / RMP / GDC
Custom Training