What's New at Social Foundations!
This fall we are excited to announce new parent education workshops! We have 2 workshop dates available for each topic.
The Language of Visual Strategies
Thursday Oct 18 7-9pm
Saturday Oct 20 10am-12pm
$40 per person, materials included
Visual tools are critical in teaching strategies for:

  • social cues
  • friendships
  • self-regulation
  • problem solving
  • flexible thinking

This workshop targets the basics of visual strategies. You will leave with templates that can be used in a variety of ways and gain an understanding of how to translate your own ideas into visual tools.
Cartoon stick man drawing conceptual illustration of businessman carrying big pencil. Business concept of paperwork and bureaucracy.
Navigating Peer relationships
Thursday Oct 25 7-9pm
Saturday October 27- 10am-12pm
$40 per person, materials included

Using social skills effectively is the essence of navigating peer relationships. Social cues impact relationships both one- on-one and in peer groups.

This workshop will cover strategies and tools to:

  • help children build and deepen friendships
  • manage difficult peer relationships
  • understand how to plug into verbal and non verbal social cues to smoothly navigate social situations

Cartoon stick drawing illustration of four children_ two boys and girls_ walking together while holding hands.
Self-Regulation and Flexibility Workshop
Thursday Nov 15 7-9pm
Saturday Nov 17 10am-12pm
$40 per person, materials included
Children who struggle with self-regulation and rigidity often experience negative consequences in both social and academic spheres.

This workshop will focus on using specific visual strategies to:

  • help children learn to identify triggers
  • explore a variety of calming strategies
  • help children effectively advocate and problem solve before a situation escalates.
Cartoon stick man drawing conceptual illustration of two businessmen standing on seesaw trying to balance. Business concept of teamwork and individuality effort.