Brewery Equipment Auction:
Canning and Bottling Lines
Bidding Closes December 8th

Probrew Model Profill Can 90S Can Filler/Seamer

9-head filler and 3-head can seamer

Complete System includes:

  • Label-Aire RH Wrap Around Labeler, Model Z-5100, 6.0” x 6 ft, currently set for 5” high labels

  • Abe Beverage Packtech Can Carrier Applicator, SNAP200600, suitable for 4 & 6-can carrier packs.

  • Stainless frame can line conveyor with turns, plus gravity type can twist to filler/seamer station

  • Eagle T100 case taper with top taping head, Serpentine accumulating table plus can Inverters

GAI Bottle Filler/Crowner, Model 5301FM BIER

16 head filler & 3-head crowner

Complete System includes:

  • Peco Model Filltrac-G Level Detector with connecting plastic slat type table top bottle conveyor

  • Ketan Model LR-290R Front & Back Labeler (new 2016), connecting 48″ dia. accumulation table.

  • Bortolinkemo Case Packer, type IAM / 1T PIAVE AD, currently set for 22 oz bottles (new 2009)

  • Eagle T100 Case Taper with bottom taping head; Eagle 200B semi auto pallet stretch wrapper

Also Available:

  • IDD Process 3-Keg Mini King Keg Washer/Filler, with programable controls

  • Omega Automatic Can and Bottle Depalletizer, modified to unload cans or glass bottles

  • Dixie model 25D-900 Double Can Seamer; RA Pearson Model D-100 6 Pack Case Erector

  • Crystal Vision Packaging SM-1540 Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel

  • Over 1,000 1/4 bbl., 1/6 bbl. & 1/2 bbl. Kegs; (300+) Wooden Barrels plus dual & quad barrel racks

Equipment located in San Jose, California

Lots Close December 8th