Hello Jackie,

The importance of working 'On' your business instead of 'In' your business is often overlooked by entrepreneurs and aspiring speakers. The result? Lack of monetization, lack of sustainability, & lack of time. On the flip side, we breed an abundance of frustration, quick burnout, and shiny object syndrome. 

Here is a solution:

Legacy Builders' Business Training Series


September 22nd, 2023

On Zoom

This month's training & Implementation topic: How to Make Big Money From Small Lists by James Lam

Make BIG Money | Click Here

It’s a 90-minute session where you get to learn, implement, and move your business forward. In addition, there will be an expert there whom you can ask specific questions, get answers to your concerns, and have an opportunity to receive extra support and resources from.

If your goal is to share your message with as many potential audiences as possible, then this event is for you. This workshop series was created for my community of family-serving speaker/entrepreneurs. This group minimizes the pitfalls that often get in the way of experts maximizing their ability and reaching their full potential.

Come join me, and rather than putting more things on your plate, let's get some of those troubling things off of your plate!

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Jackie Bailey

International Conversation Coach for Kids | The Speak Feed Lead Project

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