Check out all the latest co-op classes and events
for November 2018!

Register online via the links below, or sign up in person with our staff at the registers. Unless indicated otherwise, all classes and events are located in the Flatlander Classroom at Common Ground, 300 S. Broadway in the Lincoln Square Mall.
Thursday, Nov 1; 6-7:30
$10 owners / $15 non-owners
The weather is changing and that can have an adverse effect on our skin! In this class you’ll make a healing salve that will not only soothe chapped hands, but also ease eczema, cuts, minor burns, rashes, bug bites and cracked heals. This salve uses shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax as a base with essential oils. You will take home your very own jar of salve!

Professional Knife Sharpening
Market Saturdays, 9-11am
$4-$7 per knife
Starting September 15th, local knife sharpener, Laurence, will be in the Flatlander Classroom on market Saturdays to offer his expert knife sharpening services. Bring your dull and worn kitchen knives to the co-op and they’ll leave like new!

Saturday, Nov 3; 2-4:30
$12 owners / $17 non-owners
Join us for another popular Flavors of Ethiopia class! Tesfaye will feature an authentic spicy beef dish, paired with traditional Ethiopian bread, injera. Born in Ethiopia and a scholar of anthropology, Tesfaye will also discuss the cultural, topographical, and historical elements that have shaped and influenced contemporary Ethiopian cuisine. 

Sunday, November 4th; 11am-1pm
$20 donation requested
During this holiday season, celebrate the rich culture with our second Indigenous cooking class, focused on traditionally native foods, Indigenous history & culture. All ticket sales go to UIUC’s Native American and Indigenous Student Organization

Tuesday, Nov 6; 4-5pm
Free; registration required
Team Tomatillos is a kids cooking class for first & second graders. In this hour long class, we learn how to read recipes, use kitchen utensils safely, & try new foods! Contact to report a child's dietary restrictions.

Thursday, Nov 8; 6-7:30pm
$7 owners / $12 non-owners
Teas have countless health benefits, but have you ever tried making your own blends? In this class, local flower farmer, Joan, will teach us the art of tea blending to help create delicious and healthful teas for the upcoming winter season!

C onnections Cafe
Friday, Nov 9; 10-12pm
Free; designed for friends 55+ years old
Common Ground is hosting Clark-Lindsey's Connections Cafe! This two-hour event shares community resources and wellness opportunities around Champaign-Urbana. 

Tuesday, Nov 14th; 4-5pm
FREE; registration required
Team Artichokes is a monthly kids cooking class for third, fourth, and fifth graders. In this hour long class, we learn how to read recipes, use kitchen utensils safely, and make delicious snacks. Contact to report a child's dietary restrictions.

Friday, Nov 14; 6-7:30pm
$15 owners / $20 non-owners
Our favorite local flower farmers will be at the co-op for a workshop on making your own Thanksgiving centerpieces using dried flowers. Sign up for an engaging, hands-on class and walk out with a gorgeous arrangement to take home for your holiday season!

Thursday, Nov 15; 6-8pm
$10 owners / $15 non-owners
This isn't the sourdough starters of the 1970s! It takes up only the room of a quart jar in your fridge instead of taking over your life. You can make bread with it, of course, but it's also the basis for great pancakes, waffles, banana bread, and pizza dough! Sign up for recipes and your own sourdough starter! Also learn to adapt your starter for GF and Low FODMAP diets.

Friday, Nov 16; 5:30-6:30pm
Free; reserved for customers who pre-ordered turkeys
We are putting together a special free class for anyone who preorders a Local Triple S Farms Turkey to show you what to do with leftover Turkey! We will be hosting a short 1 hr class, starring our favorite Turkey Pot Pie recipe. Learn how to make Pot Pie, taste the recipe, and chat turkey cooking details with Stan Schutte (local farmer and owner of Triple S Farms) and Sarah, Co-op staff.

Saturday, Nov 17; 3-5pm
$10 owners / $15 non-owners
What are you doing with all that leftover turkey? Learn how to spin your excess into a delicious Thai inspired dish! Our favorite Thai Cooking instructors is returning to the co-op to teach us how to transform Thanksgiving leftovers into a new, fresh Thai dish for your and your family!

For details on our classes, check the calendar on Eventbrite.