Interested in Cover Crops?
BetaMaxx TerraLife® Mix
Rigol DT TerraLife® Mix
Join King's AgriSeeds for a cover crop field day!
October 23 rd and 24 th
  • Featuring TerraLife® Mixes - the next level of cover crop!
  • Hands on event!
  • Cover Crop Mixtures with specific goals for soil health and productivity of the next crop
  • Experts from German company DSV to discuss how cover cropping is done in Europe
  • Learn how different species grow and how they impact soil health and the following crop
  • No RSVP required!
3 Locations!

Lancaster PA
10/23 10am-12pm
Oakley Farm
6321 White Oak Road
Christiana PA 17509
Questions: Call Joy Beam 717-687-6224

Schuylkill Haven PA
10/23 4:30pm-6:30pm
Productive Farm Products
160 Farm View Rd
Schuylkill Haven PA 17972
Questions: Call Joy Beam 717-687-6224

Finger Lakes NY
10/24 1:30pm-4pm
Across from Ehrhart Propane
9787 Route 96
Trumansburg, NY 14886
Questions: call Rod Porter 607-227-0836
Check Out the TerraLife ® Tech Sheets
TerraLife® cover crop mixes were developed by DSV based in Germany to  improve soil structure, fertility and overall soil health and productivity . All mixes include a proportion of quick-growing species to effectively suppress weed growth. The species diversity  creates excellent  biodiversity and maximum variation in root development to ensure good soil penetration.
TerraLife® - BetaMaxx
The cover crop mix for beets and vegetables.
TerraLife® - MaizePro DT
Balanced, partly winter hardy cover crop for intensive corn crop rotations.
TerraLife® - Rigol DT
Strong root growth stabilizes the soil structure.