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November 29, 2016


Application Portal Closing on December 1st at 5pm (EST)

December 1, 2016 is the deadline to submit an online application for DAAD's Intensive Language and University Summer Course Grants. The application portal will close at 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) on that day, so applicants are advised to be mindful of this time limit when preparing and submitting application materials. Hard copies of the application must also be received by DAAD no later than December 11.

University Summer Course Grants provide scholarships to attend three- to four-week summer courses at German universities which focus mainly on German language and literary, cultural, political and economic aspects of modern Germany. Extensive extracurricular programs complement and reinforce the core material. For more info, visit the program page.

Intensive Language Course Grants allow students from North American universities, who at the time of application have attained at least sophomore standing (second-year standing in Canada), to attend 8-week intensive language courses at leading institutes in Germany. Click here for more details.

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