Upcoming Debates, Attack Ads, and Foreign Policy

These are exciting times for our campaign as we have a number of debates coming up. After decisively winning the first debate, I am looking forward to the opportunity to put my record of job creation and aggressive constituent service alongside Jane's record. I think for voters to see the contrast between a Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders style Democrat and a Conservative Republican will spell victory in November.

We have two DEBATES upcoming this week. Details  of time and place are in the articles below. I hope you can make one or more of them.

I would also encourage you to see our press release on immigration and the recent terrorist attack below. In it, you will see a clip where my opponent says that 'the best way to beat ISIS is with a nice PR campaign.' II leave it to your judgement on whether or not we can sweet talk jihadists into better behavior. 

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Congressional Candidates Weigh in on Johnson Amendment

Under Lois Lerner and President Obama's administration, the IRS proved they are willing to stretch their authority to target Conservative o rganizations for their own political gain. Repealing this amendment would be the first step towards avoiding similar cases of regulatory abuse.

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Garrett Slams 'False' Dittmar Ad

“ Voting records are fair game when you run for public office,” Garrett said. “However, it is a slap in the face to the voters to spend tens of thousands of dollars on deceitful and misleading negative ads...”

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Latest Terror Attacks Are Evidence of DHS' Inability to Vet Refugees

In 2015, 5th District Democratic nominee Jane Dittmar weighed in on the rise of ISIS by stating, “I think one of the things we are not doing well at all, is communicating the incredible generosity of Americans… I think what we need is a counter PR campaign.”

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5th District Candidates to Face Off Monday in Appomattox

The 5th Congressional District candidates meet twice next week, with the first forum scheduled for Monday in Appomattox, leading off for the nationally televised presiden-tial debates later that evening.

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Debate Preview

Garrett said, "Having served the people of Appomattox in the Virginia Senate for several years, I am very excited about participating in a Congressional debate here. It is unfortunate that Ms. Dittmar has declined to debate me on a number of occasions.  I am willing to debate her any time, anywhere. I trust that given the facts, Virginia voters will make the right decisions.”

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Pictures from the Campaign Trail This Week
Pictured with Tom from left to right: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte, 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt, and 1st District Congressman and Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Wittman on September 16 at a luncheon in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Lots of great feedback to the GOP Unit in Fauquier County for welcoming all "Deplorables."
Tom and Flanna attended the Franklin County Agricultural Fair on September 17.
Sorgham molasses at the Sorgham Festival in Climax, Virginia on September 17.
More fun from the Franklin County Agricultural Fair!
Pictured with Tom is the Boones Mill Police Chief at the Apple Festival in Boones Mill, Va.
Franklin County GOP had a tremendous amount of volunteer support working the Republican table at the local fair.
Always happy to receive support from future voters!
Tom addresses a crowd at the BBQ and Bluegrass festival in Prince Edward County.