NYC School Playground Combines Creative Play and
Effective Green Infrastructure 
Brooklyn, NY
September 23, 2015 11:00am - 1:00pm
ELA Members $22 - Non-members $32

Join tour guide Mary Alice Lee from The Trust for Public Land (TPL) to explore the unique playground makeover at Boerum Hill's PS 261 School and Community Playground.  Capturing over 500,000 gallons of stormwater each year, this green infrastructure playground not only helps NYC's sewer system, it also provides a safe place to play for the neighborhood. This unique playground was the first green infrastructure playground built on a NYC public schoolyard. These special playgrounds are being designed and built across NYC and other US cities. Learn more and Register Today!

A Path to Beauty and Bounty:
Building a Sustainable Eco-System

Portsmouth, Rhode Island
September 24, 2015  4:00pm - 6:00pm

ELA Members $20 - Non-Members $30 

For landscape designer Sanne Kure-Jensen, this path began with a historic farm dating to 1670. After years of ecologically-guided design, planting and organic maintenance, this destination is a thriving landscape ecosystem and bountiful garden with stunning water views of the Sakonnet River and Foglands Beach in Tiverton. This private family compound includes a wildflower meadow, liberty lawn, vegetable and fruit gardens, and honeybee apiary. Join us for a tour of this beautiful and bountiful landscape. As you stroll through this idyllic property, you will learn how the garden welcomes diversity in plant, animal, insect and microbial life. Throughout the tour, Sanne will share tips for how you can create client enthusiasm for sustainable landscapes.  Learn more and Register Today!

WEBINAR: Designing Successful Rain Gardens for Civic Sites
Presented by Amanda Sloan 
September 24, 2015   1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
ELA Members FREE - Non-Members $10 

Rain gardens, as part of modern storm water management systems, rely on plant material for soil stabilization, contaminant filtering, nutrient absorption, and to slow rainwater for infiltration. Well designed rain gardens (with the appropriate plant material) can greatly improve the results of green infrastructure and ensure their long-term success. Selecting appropriate plants for rain gardens and other vegetated storm water management systems is a critical first step to their success. Beyond plant selection, proper site preparation and a comprehensive maintenance plan are critical components of a successful rain garden. In this webinar, Amanda Sloan describes the elements that go into a successful rain garden project.     Learn more and Register Today!
Recreational Lake Shore Restoration:
Lake Massapoag
Sharon, MA
September 26, 2015  10:00am - 12:00pm

ELA Members $22 - Non-Members $32 


What are some of the ways a lakeside recreation area can be ecologically restored while maintaining recreational uses? Join landscape architect, Amanda Sloan, to learn more about how she met the challenges of this lakeside park. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and learn about techniques for restoring shore plants, stopping erosion, controlling storm water, meeting ADA accessibility, addressing the challenge of Canada geese, and more.   Learn more and Register Today!

Sustainable Site Design Basics
Framingham, MA
October 1, 2015  9:30am - 4:30pm
ELA Members $108 - Non-Members $127 
Delve into the fundamentals of sustainable landscape design, focusing on integrating existing and new buildings sustainably into a landscape.  You will investigate sustainable design strategies addressing the ecological, water, energy, and food system links between buildings and their supporting sites. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system and forthcoming SITES (Sustainable Sites Initiative) system will be used.
CEU: 4 AOLCP; 2 MCLP; .5 MCH  Learn more and Register Today!
Soil Workshop - Ground Rules:  Measuring Soil Health and
Managing Site Challenges in the Urban Landscape
Framingham, MA
October 3, 2015  9:00am - 3:00pm

ELA Members $86 - Non-Members $104 

To understand holistic soil management, Chuck Sherzi offers fresh insight and a new diagnostic approach beyond the traditional soil test. This indoor/outdoor, hands-on workshop introduces the concept of the soil health assessment and the implementation of soil health indicators to comprehensively evaluate the biological, chemical, and physical attributes of soil as they pertain to the constraints of a site.

Future use of these soil health indicators will help provide the landscape architect, garden designer, arborist, and landscape professional with the necessary information to determine the appropriate products, tools, equipment, and techniques needed to correct soil constraints. These practices will also prove useful toward developing a seasonal maintenance plan for the new landscape from installation to establishment and on to maturity.  Learn more and Register Today!
Restoring an Urban River:
The Acushnet Sawmill Ecological Restoration
New Bedford, MA
October 7, 2015  10:00am - 12:00pm

ELA Members $22 - Non-Members $32 

The Buzzards Bay Coalition is restoring a 19-acre former industrial property that straddles the Acushnet River at the head of New Bedford Harbor.  During 2014, the natural river bank and floodplain was restored, more than one acre of additional red maple swamp and freshwater marsh was created, fields and forested uplands were planted, and invasive species were managed. Join tour guide Sara da Silva Quintal to learn more about this restoration and to explore the restored habitats along the board walks, wildlife overlooks, and walking trails (nearly half of which are handicap-accessible).
Learn more and Register Today!
Webinar: Natural Swimming Ponds:
Beauty, Recreation, and Habitat - With No Chemicals! 
October 13, 2015  5:00pm - 6:00pm EST
ELA Members FREE - Non-Members $10 

A natural swimming pond is the embodiment of residential ecology combining habitat creation and rain harvesting, along with human interaction. It is 100% chemical free, low maintenance, and provides year round interest unlike a regular swimming pool. And although a swimming pond costs more than a rubber lined pool, it costs less than a gunite pool of equal size and comes with a tremendous number of additional benefits. In this webinar, Trevor Smith will explain design considerations, mechanical and bio-filtration options, water flow and circulation, rainwater capture for recharge, construction methods, and will Trevor will also discuss how to sell this new concept to your clients.   Learn more and Register Today!
Beaver: Building Habitat - Improving Eco-Systems
Princeton, MA
October 14, 2015  10:00am - 12:00pm

ELA Members $22 - Non-Members $32 

Beaver-created wetlands enhance human habitat by storing and slowly releasing floodwater. These wetlands improve water quality by removing or transforming excess nutrients, trapping silt, binding and removing toxic chemicals, and removing sediment. And finally, flooded areas can also recharge and maintain groundwater levels, and provide flow to streams even during droughts. Join conservationist, Cindy Dunn at Wachusett Meadow for this unique walking tour of the 85 acre beaver pond to learn about the important ecological role that beaver play. Wachusett Meadow is one of the spectacular wildlife sanctuaries within Mass Audubon. This property consists of 1,200 acres accessed by 12 miles of trails. The sanctuary protects a diverse landscape of shrubland fields and meadows, forests, Wachusett Meadow's Wildlife Pond, and beaver wetlands.  Learn more and Register Today!
Guiding the Rain: Aesthetic Form - Ecological Function
Leominster, MA
October 19, 2015  9:00am - 12:00pm

ELA Members $22 - Non-Members $32 

Rain gardens guide the rain away from storm drains while attracting wildlife and protecting streams, lakes, and ponds. Planted with native flowers, shrubs, and grasses, rain gardens can thrive without fertilizers and pesticides. Tree filter systems are another solution that integrate street trees with stormwater collection. These systems are unique in that they integrate above-ground vegetation with subsurface bio-remediation principals to treat and cleanse stormwater pollutants prior to infiltration to groundwater and aquifers. Join tour guides Ed Himlin from the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition and stormwater engineer, Paul Iorio to learn more about Leominster's stormwater solutions that combine aesthetic form and ecological function.  Learn more and Register Today!
Season's End Summit: Digging into the Layered Landscape
North Grafton, MA
November 5, 2015  8:00am - 4:30pm

ELA Members $85 - Non-Members $110 

Landscapes are a delightful blending of form and function. An ecological landscape is that and more. Join us for the 6th annual ELA Season's End Summit to explore the many layers of the landscape with our distinguished lineup of presenters. On November 5th, we will reconnect with colleagues, reflect on the past growing season, and get inspired for the next.

Reviving the Naturalistic Garden Presented by: Mark Richardson
Exploring the Rich Layers in the Meadow Presented by: Rebecca Lindenmeyr
Optimizing Ecological Value in the Layered Landscape Presented by: Lauren Chase Rowell
Creating Beauty in Every Layer Presented by: Julie Moir Messervy
Ecological Synergies:
Understanding Performance-Based, Resilient Landscapes
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
November 20, 2015  9:00am - 4:30pm

ELA Members $119 - Non-Members $139 

Join us amidst the stunning landscape at Longwood Gardens for a unique and in-depth look at plants. During interactive sessions, you'll consider the ecological role and specific natural requirements of plants in particular landscapes, the part plants can play in remediating contaminated sites, and the role of morphology in determining plant performance. Join international plantsman, Dr. Noel Kingsbury and phytoremediation landscape design specialist, Kate Kennen for a fresh perspective of plants and phytotechnology.

Sponsored By:
Plant Ecology for Creators Presented by Noel Kingsbury
The Meadow Garden Expansion: An Ecological Review Presented by Tom Brightman
Phytoremediation: Pollutant Purging Plants! Presented by Kate Kennen
Plant Morphology: Guide to Predicting Plant Performance Presented by Noel Kingsbury
Learn more and Register Today!
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