Yes, you read that subject line correctly. Even in these trying times our youth department team is hard at work trying to provide unique and uplifting programming for your children. Here's what we have coming up:

1. If you haven't done so already make sure you and your kids  follow Etz Chaim on Facebook  or on  Instagram . Every day Monday through Friday at 5pm we'll be posting a Youth Yiddle Riddle. The first child to answer either via direct message or emailing  will win a candy tray from Chocolate Works!

2. Yoni will be giving his classes online now. The next class is titled "Actors Who've Played Moses: Why No One Gets It Right... Especially Christian Bale". It will be live on Zoom Tuesday, March 24th at 5:00pm. While intended for grades 8-12, kids of any age can certainly join in. Here is the link:

3. We've been in contact with the people at Settlers of Catan. Many of their games can be played live online. We'd like to create an Etz Chaim Youth league/tournament. If your child(ren) would like to be a part of this please email Yoni to find out more info.

4. We've created a special Parsha Kids Krossword that's attached here (as a JPEG and PDF-use either). The first child (grades 12 and under) to correctly fill out the grid and email it back to  Yoni  will get a very nice prize! (Which will be posted on Instagram as well). Kids in grades 5 and up should be able to complete it...especially if they use a Chumash.

That's it for now. We hope this situation resolves sooner rather than later, but if not, rest assured that your shul is hard at work trying to come up with top-notch programming for your children.

All the best,
The Etz Chaim Youth Department