An afternoon with acclaimed international public speaker, author and facilitator

Cindy Barg


Sunday, May 3rd

1:30-3:30 PM

Historic Grange Hall

East Sandwich, MA

Cindy Barg, M.Ed, LMHC


In 1971, at the age of 13, Cindy Barg was told she would never walk again or be able to have children after a devastating car accident that killed her father and family dog. Cindy went on to run a marathon in 3:45, give birth to two daughters, and eventually settle on Cape Cod where she built a successful career as a therapist, internationally acclaimed speaker and facilitator.


In 1995, Cindy's older brother was murdered, one of the worst atrocities to have ever taken place in the state of Massachusetts. Cindy and her daughters left the Cape and relocated to Sarasota, Florida where she continued her practice and began the healing process. Cindy recently returned to Cape Cod and has re-established her practice in Sandwich.


Through her grief and healing, Cindy has experienced extraordinary conversations and signs from the other side, confirming that those who have passed are still with us. Cindy shares these experiences with local and international audiences in the hope that her journey will provide hope and inspiration to others moving through the grieving process. 

Sunday, May 3rd

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Historic Grange Hall

East Sandwich, MA


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"Signs from Heaven" is a beautifully moving and powerful event that will ignite your belief that the soul never dies. A weaving of storytelling about real-live conversations from the other side. Stories and experiences will be shared with a Q & A session at the end.


$20 in advance

$25 at the door (if available) 
Payment must be made in advance to secure a seat.
Space has been limited to 100 people. 




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"But The Heavens Never Cried" is a true story that captures the essence of paradoxical emotions and the harrowing spectrum of changes during the grieving process. It is touching and purposeful, helping to reclaim a very deep and loving connection to oneself and to living, while finding grace in the healing process.



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"Cindy's passionate desire to help people and her capacity to offer unconditional love and compassion is perhaps her most admirable quality. Cindy's unmitigated dedication to prevent human suffering is so incredibly genuine. Her life is an outstanding example of how she walks her talk. Observing her work with people is truly a beautiful experience." B. Lewinski, North Carolina

"Cindy has a dexterity of talent that moves the soul and awakens people's hearts. Her sensitivity, her compassion, her dedicated commitment to helping others find grace in their healing is incredibly genuine. Cindy is dynamic & poised and brings both humor and depth to even the most challenging of circumstances. A must see!" S. Scriven, NY, NY

"A beautiful soul who rivets audiences with a passion that is moving and poignant. Cindy has endured tragedies that are unspeakable yet, she has a tremendous ability to put things in perspective, offering hope and promise. I was moved to tears." L. Straussman, NY, NY

More about Cindy's Work and return to Cape Cod 
"Signs from Heaven" with Cindy Barg M Ed, LMHC

Cindy Barg is a licensed psychotherapist, public speaker and author. Cindy spent the last 24 years, designing and facilitating spiritual retreats and workshops throughout the US, and abroad (India, China, Malaysia and Canada). Cindy believes the best stories are from the human heart and we must never underestimate the power of human connection.


Cindy recently returned to Cape Cod and has reestablished her practice in Sandwich. She welcomes the opportunity to work with new clients, facilitate a workshop or retreat, or speak to new groups about grief, loss and hope.


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"Signs from Heaven"

Tickets $20 in advance
$25 at the door (if available)
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
Historic Grange Hall
Old County Road
East Sandwich, MA 

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