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February 2018
In case you missed it last night:
UNC 82 - Duke 78, Go Heels!
Alumni Panel Members Needed
Thursday, 1 March 2018 at 2pm
Can you Participate?
Four (4) alumni have registered for this event so far, including two on active duty alumni. While this is awesome, the Association would like more alumni panel members and diversity of backgrounds: Navy and Marine, aviators, ground pounders, bubbleheads, black shoes, canon cockers, tracks, pork chops, snipes, twiglets, information dominators, men and women! Come one, come all. Please join and share your experiences with the Midshipmen and help answer their questions.
  • It's free to attend the panel,
  • Optional social happy hour and dinner to follow (no host),
  • If you're not an Association Member already we will invite you to join - this is one of the reasons why we're here.
2017 Panel Discussion
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Welcome Multi-Year and Annual Members for 2018
New Life Members for 2018:
  • John B. Fleming, Jr.'71
  • Harcourt Morgan, III '59

Multi-year members:
  • Robert C. Crates '63
  • Michael Clark '75
  • Thomas W. Wright '66
  • William O. Leonard, III '69
  • Robert Young '67
  • Alan V. Monette '65
  • Bryant Byrd '68
  • James Day '73
  • Steven Matts - staff
  • Donald R. Ledford - staff
  • Nick Pulignano, Jr.'74
  • Michael Wellman '77
  • Steven Briganti '78
  • Charles J. Wolfe '65
Annual Members for 2018:
  • David Fish '70
  • Charles Sikes '70
  • Robert Rivers '73
  • Joseph Woods '67
  • Charles Gore '69
  • Irvin Hankins '67
  • Bogomir Glavan '97
  • James A. Thompson '64
Membership goal for 2018: 120 annual, five year or new life members!
Progress to date: 24 of 120 or 20%
First member to pay dues each year for the past four years: 2014-2017
Master Chief Ledford!
Now a new Five Year Member!
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  • We are hoping to enable a feature later this year which will allow updating of contact information while maintaining segregation of paid member-only content. Stay tuned for details.

***UPCOMING EVENTS, mark your calendars***
Thursday, 26 April 2018, UNC NROTC Awards Day
  • presentation of the LT Patrick K. Connor Memorial Award
Saturday, 12 May 2018, UNC NROTC Commissioning, Class of 2018