"May we exist like the lotus,
at ease in muddy waters"

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather! Spring is a time for growth and development. While this time of year is often busy, we hope you are making time for yourself and able to find gratitude in each day.

In this edition, check out upcoming events at the studio, tips on practicing the lotus pose, a refreshing mat spray recipe, and updates on our May fitness challenge. Enjoy, we hope to see you soon!
May Events
Is your yoga mat starting to smell like the trunk of your car? Or worse, your last sweaty yoga session? Make your own yoga spray to refresh your mat.

1 cup distilled water
1/4 cup Witch hazel
8-15 drops of tea tree oil
6-10 drops of lavender oil

Mix ingredients and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well to combine.

After each practice shake bottle liberally and spray on mat. Wipe clean with a cloth or towel.


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Pose of the Month: Lotus

Often depicted as a meditation pose, Lotus is one of the most recognizable yoga positions. But, that doesn't make it easy to do! Lotus requires a great deal of flexibility and practice. Those with injured   or weak knees or ankles should ease into this position, or avoid it altogether. Do what is best for your body and your practice. And remember to breathe!

Before entering this pose, make sure to open up your hips and loosen your knees. Try some wide squats, followed by bound ankle pose and seated forward fold. Ease into Lotus as your body allows, trying to hold it for a few breaths. It is not unusual for one side to be easier to get into than the other.

Ask your instructor for more personalized pose tips before or after your next class. 

May Fitness Challenge Progress
If you've been to the studio lately you've participated in the wall squats and planks challenge. Regardless of the love/hate relationship you might have with them, both are very effective for gaining strength and toning muscles. In June we will share the results of some students who are tracking their progress with body measurements. 

Here is the schedule for the rest of the month.   Congrats, you're halfway done!
 Plank Schedule 
Day 15  1 min 50 seconds 
Day 16  2 minutes
Day 17  2 minutes
Day 18  2 minutes 30 seconds       
Day 19  REST        
Day 20  2 minutes 30 seconds    
Day 21  2 minutes 30 seconds 
Day 22  3 minutes     
Day 23  3 minutes   
Day 24  3 minutes 30 seconds     
Day 25  3 minutes 30 seconds  
Day 26  REST    
Day 27  4 minutes 
Day 28  4 minutes 
Day 29  4 minutes 30 seconds   
Day 30  5 minutes 
Day 31  5 minutes                                        
Wall Squat Schedule

Day 15  2 min 30 seconds
Day 16  2 min 40 seconds
Day 17  2 minutes 50 seconds 
Day 18  3 minute
Day 19  3 minutes 10 seconds
Day 20  3 minutes 20 seconds
Day 21  3 minutes 30 seconds
Day 22  3 minutes 40 seconds
Day 23  3 minutes 50 seconds
Day 24  4 minutes
Day 25  4 minutes 10 seconds
Day 26  4 minutes 20 seconds
Day 27  4 minutes 30 seconds  
Day 28  4 minutes 40 seconds
Day 29  4 minutes 50 seconds
Day 30  5 minutes
Day 31  5 minutes                                       
Upcoming Events and Class Changes 

June will bring scheduling changes and new events at The Fire Within Yoga. Starting June 8th, Yoga for Kids will be offered on Thursdays from 10-11:00 am. Bring your kids to burn off some energy and improve balance while you participate in Barre, offered at the same time. 

$5 per child, ages 4-10. No need to pre-register at this time. See you and your little yogi's soon!

This summer may bring pop up classes and other special events. Follow our website and Facebook page for more information.

** There will be no classes Saturday May 27th or Monday May 29th. Enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day!** 

Wanderlust Twin Cities Event
Are you interested in joining like-minded yoga enthusiasts at the Wanderlust 108 Twin Cities Yoga Mindful Triathlon? The event is held on Saturday July 1st at Harriet Island in St. Paul and includes a 5K, 90-minute yoga practice, and 30-minute meditation. Participants also receive cool swag and the opportunity to connect with inspiring teachers and community members. There are benefits to registering as a group, and we'd be happy to help coordinate a team if there is enough interest among The Fire Within Yoga members.
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